Thursday, January 15, 2009

testing systems for Democracy

You use test systems, protocols, etc? Why not for democracy? How could these be implemented? Are they sustainable? Is democracy sustainable?

Certainly I have existed in places were mob rule worked over the "freedom of the indidual". Where the individual was so destroyed, debunked and demolished as to to leave nothing left at all. Devastating destructive mode of mob rule. Surprise I am alived to talk about it? Me too.

It is amazing how it happened. The demoralizing first. Making the person shunned by rumour, insult, jeers, leers and gossip. It didnt take long for the rumour mill to start churning Catherine's wheel. The martrydom of myself continued and I became more convicted of my goal and destiny to find those hidden gems of truth hidden within our beloved govenmentally procedure. Victimization is not a fun game for the victimized. It seems the social shunning, the manipulation of events, the utter deception is allowed to flourish without anyone defending truth or individual rights.
Mob scenes are not pretty, and have way too much influence in our democratic lives.
Gossip thank goshen is outlawed in some businesses. No watercooler talk. Say something nice about someone or forget it. Negativity can and will destroy us all.

Do something nice today. Do not tolerate lies spread about people. This gossip is made to politisize a person usually for social or monetary gain by the gossipee. Negative words (gossip) about a person can really cause a ripcord of dissent and spiralling out of control destruction. I just don't know how anyone can think good can come from bad talk about someone.

Truth on the other hand says "just the facts, mam". I hope that after all is said and done, I will not be manipulated politically anymore. Seriously, I am really "once bit, twice shy" it will be difficult to trust strangers. It will be difficult to trust persons who deceived me. Some people have such a cold cold heart, they were hurt and now hurt others destroying other's innocence too. And for what purpose? To make politically deceive others for gain.
One remedy for this venom? Realtime webcams without the ability to change the image. Proof of Innocence for the innocent. No lapse, no tampering with the image.
someday, truth will indeed prevail and justice will promote it. How can ever believe anything I am told again...devastatingly...unbelievable! But remediable!

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