Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cern Accelerator: Is It Safe: Alternative Proposals For CERN

Today I heard that there is a 15 percent chance that the Cern Accelerator in Switzerland could destroy the earth due to new math by prominent physicists.

If indeed there is this new information and the 5 billion dollar accelerator proton smasher is allowed to progress, and the earth is destroyed, it really is too late than to recalibrate.

It is my contention and proposal that the CERN accelerator could be used to help mankind, not only act as a "doomsday" machine.

If virus studies are important to mankind, and viral diseases are to be kept at bay, there is a way to do this at CERN.

Example: two viruses could be smashed or near smashed, so that their molecular energies are depolarized, making the virus basically ineffectual. This could be a life-saving study rather than life-destroying study for the project.

I understand the need to know the building blocks of the Universe. However, these building blocks could act like a dominoe effect once one is removed from it's precarious and unpretentious mantle.

Maybe the "new math" which has determined the pending dangers could be studied in depth before the odds are weighed to determine the safety and efficacy of the CERN project. It is my contention that there are more pending matters to study, with less life-threatening results. Let's study those needed priorities first. Thank-you!


  1. Addendum: Reference for quote: I forgot to mention something, the quote for the 15 percent chance the CERN accelerator could create a black hole was heard on the George Noory Coast to Coast Show from last evening (Jan 28 09 2:00 am EST).Thanks!

  2. Addendum #2: Regarding the method to deactivate viruses; my proposal: to switch on and off the polarity of the mitochondria of the virus (do viruses have mitochondria or something similar, (come on they have to have some form of molecular activation as does ALL forms of matter/antimatter). Once the virus is "confused" by the electron-magnetic pulsing, the virus is rendered "ineffectual". Our knowledge may never be able to "kill" a virus, but we can use the very same nature of the universe (electronmagnetics) to attempt to have some power over these intense viral "life" forms. That is, if life does start and end on the electron-magnetic scale. Good idea!