Sunday, January 18, 2009

Miss Haversham Complex

Waiting in worn, yellow bridegown
Miss Haversham
Aged winkled and pruned
Waiting for her lover
Never to return

Stood up at the altar
of Love
Waiting Became Love
In the Desert of Never
Why did she not give up?

The fool groom-to-be
left the poor woman
to die
a worse death
One without love

As put on permanent hold
the bride that day
passions reigned
queen for a day

but he loved me!
it must be a mistake
he'll come back!
I must wait for him!

Hours passed to days
days to months
months to years
years to decades
without return
Love's Labour Lost

Tis the season
to change that dress again
passions-fire the world's asunder
all consuming knowing
Miss Haversham
Alight with Fire

Passion consumed her
It could not wait
that knowing moment
when with Love's Desire
All a fire

The flames died out
as did Miss Haversham
The world of Love
She did not give up
her embers burn still

Jan 18 09

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