Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Screaming Turtles

Invisible Screams
of a dark green turtle
in my dreams

Wet cold and crying
Let me go
or I will scream
like there is no

Screaming Turtles
you seem so rash
I just wanted to hold you
for a time
and a half

I wanted you to be my turtle
save and warm
but you like the watery muck
of your home by the lake

stay with me
Screaming Turtle
Don't leave me alone
Don't find me alone
To dream alone

Screaming Turtle
you make no sound
you look so intense
as your sound
into other worldly universes
conjuring trouble for me

Screaming turtle
why did you leave me
what did I do to make you
scream so silently?

jajo Jan 28 09

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