Thursday, January 22, 2009

Negative/Positive Emotion Key to Proton/Neutron Activity

If we think of emotion purely as positive or negative events or processes of events than we may have proof this pro/neg event is happening at an intrinsic level. Can we explain why we pick up on negative/positive emotions then? We are sensing how the universe is unfolding. Maybe more negative means convergence to the opposite universe soon? If more depression cases exist, why? We cant all be experiencing negative forces? Our emotions maybe a response from the Universal convergence. We may have no known control (maybe synthetically for now) of this proton/neutron activity...? Inner/outer worlds converge and reformulate (or stay dormant or stay active or whatever due to processes not being known at this time)....proof may not exist in its entirity at this time. lots of unknowns....jajo 22 jan 09

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