Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Proof MotherCellSoul (Unified Field) Collapses Universe(s)

The proof of the viral life form, an intense, condensed ElectroMagnetic energy life form in the Compression of D-X Universe, whereby X is unknown as is D at this point. However the existence of geometic (rather than cellular cicularity of form with the convergence formation between the neutron and proton. The additional virus entities with various levels of visibility proves the universe in denser in the centre and does produce energic life entities such as the virus. The virus may be a potentiator of the collapse of the universe since the entity can exist during certain energized systems such as the MCS condenses from time to time (when the convergence/collapse methods reach beyond MCS integrity of MCS has a unique cycle of events which is unknown to date.

In other words, the known Universe(s) collapes (condenses into a finite black hole within the centre of the universe which, from time to time (very lengthy)flipflops into a positron or neutron (positive/negative)electomagnetic activity at an intense level of dynamics undetermined at this time.

Once the MCS gives birth to another flipflop energic it feeds on this energic and inlarges in the dark matter. MCS is another form than dark matter. Dark Matter is condensed space left over from the condensing processing of implosion.

So the Universe implodes at times, creating an entire new Universe with more multiverses or in part or one or some of the multiverses. And then the MCS explodes as a cyclical death/rebirth process. Our bodies contain this MCS as does all viral and other energic forms of matter. It is K = constant which has been eluding astrophysics for a long time. This may conclude that MCS would represent the UFT (Unified Field Theory) as investigated, but not concluded by Albert Einstein at Princeton University.

jajo 21 Jan 09


  1. There is something else I want to mention, about the MCS: The amoeba entity which surrounds the know Universes and is force of One. It is in constricted mode (explosive; moving away from centre.) or implosive (moving towards centre).
    The way it works is that the black holes converge on the outer (moving away from centre areas or the outer reaches of matter density; where the radio waves or Quazars exist. These outer reaches where there is no matter actually converge the black holes; therefore the more distant areas are the most active; black hole speaking. The antimatter forms here in the black holes and after the expanse of space the outer vacuum cleaners condense it all again (how many times; maybe zillions or more?)...we just dont know, but it is possible the amoeba like MCS is really active in the activity in the variables of speed, time, etc of this biological event.
    You can look at it this way; think of a huge amoeba with its slimy one cell converging on food (the food, lets say some peas left on the table from last night you forgot to clean). The Amoeba surrounds (there's the word!)the peas (our univere and maybe other univeri) and the MCS (amoeba) gets condensed as it (or the forces that like feeder black hole tubes) feeds the beast MCS. The MCS than constricts and the universe(s) are gobbled up, condensed to the point of zero point .00000000000000000000000000 and eaten as the positron or negatron feeding frenzy. The flipfop occurs, the amoeba turns inside out, and the process begins ALL OVER, no wonder there is so much deja vu! Hey, it's a theory...dont freak out!

  2. The magnetic electron proton and neutron aspect of the MSC action flipflops as dominant electron force. in other words the neutron/protons continue this activity in a systematic way, ever so slightly incrementally increasing the proton (or neutron) forces to eventual neutron (or proton) forces and back again. Implosion and Explosion or the "the old in and out of magnetic transference properties, to put it in more scientific terms" electro magnetic charge and discharge activity...MSC gets smaller as it is in the consumption process (eating our Unverse: look at it like a huge Ms Pacman, whereby Ms Pacman gobbles the proton universe and then the proton universe gets swalloed up and comes out as a neutron universe...yes we could be reading these words in reverse tomorrow; ie the letters in white the background in black...get it????huh???.

  3. Oh did I forget to say the peas example (you remember, left overs?) were representing universes, each pea a universe. The amoeba may eat ALL of the peas (which is a complete Universal Convergance) or SOME of the peas (which is an incomplete Universal convergence or partial convergence (please note; not sure of partial convergences yet, but I think they eventually turn into complete universal convergences (this makes sense?)....hope this helps!

  4. the universal convergence theory looks like this;

    .000000000000000000000000000000000 ad infinitum

    ad infinitum point of convergence equation

    or E/AE = 1

    Energy divided by Antienergy equals
    renewal convergence of the opposite so then

    E/AE = AE/E

    and E = +AE
    A/E = -E
    IUC = -1 (implosive universal convergence)
    EUC = 1 (explosive universal convergence)
    more on this later...jajo

  5. If 1=-1 UCT (Universal Convergence Theory) than
    the mechanism of equal should read
    -1/1/-1/l Omega/Alpha Convergence Point

    The discovery of a convergence point activity both proton neutron where they change (not exactly sure of how this process works on the scale of compression of known proton/neutrons)but it may have to be other words, partial convergences do not make a complete universal convergence, but may start the ball rolling so to speak, as the balance between the two energies becomes imbalanced? Thus the folding on our galaxy..the convergence process as sensed from synchronistic event horizons proves this theory to have some credence in convergence theory).
    jajo 22 Jan 09

  6. The exact point of convergence must have to deal with universal extreme variables...the most outer or the most inner variables must arrive at extreme point where this Univeral convergence activity happens. In other words, there may be a formulae found for the exact convergence of Universal convergence or partial Universal convergence. Heck, there may be mini amoebas and then one huge one too, MSC depending on proof of this. But then what would make the min convergences hapen rather than the main Universal Convergence may all lead up to, eventuall the complete convergence of the Universal Convergence, or it may not...but I would conjecture it does lead up to the Universal Convergence these partial Universal convergences...maybe? jajo 22 jan 09