Friday, January 16, 2009

Reality Is It Real If It Is Manipulated by Creative Artists

You know I am going to, as far as possible, tell the truth. The bear face facts. Not going to pretty them up, unless I have that power to recreate reality in the way I WANT IT TO GO (I guess I do).


At this point I would have to ask; am I doing anybody any good. If Artists are gods then they must be accountable to the denizens of masses they will effect eventually and into the future, with all the add-on conditions associated with that manipulation. It is not much different from a new discover by an inventor. Artists must somehow say either "my art if it effects your reality, take a bromo because I am not signing ANY WAIVERS!

Artists can. Certainly can. Change the basics. The way the REALITY pattern was set up. Changing REALITY into other than that for the greater good. But Artists are basically NOT MORALISTS or CARE-ISTS, I mean, let's get real, most art is not a thought process it is a feeling process. Take all BEAUX ARTS, I mean good art, well good to me. It is very emotive of emotion (duh). Yes, it is, it conveys the artist's (and artists) inner sanctum, and without fanfare of self-doubt and held-back creative so that morales can discern whether or not this ART HAS IMPACT on the reality and future RENDERINGS of human's world. Collective Unconscious too may effect this big picture by the artist dipping painted surfaces and their meanings.
This will be another topic later as I see I am OFF TOPIC....

So we can perfect reality to a point. But then again, isn't reality something we should leave alone?
Theoretically, what is cannot change intrinsically. What we, as artists are toying with is the "plastic means", and probably the plastic means are not that meaningful as far as THE BIG PICTURE is concerned. Do you know how an artist could toy with the "plastic means of creativity" to create a new world to the point of over-riding reality. Wow...that means reality is not set in stone, not really. But how can this be proven. We think things are as they are. And we might even think we change things, how then will we or when will we understand and know the difference? It is very convulted right now for me to conceive. Early morning as it is right now.
Theoretical, not conclusive....back in a to grab a coffee for hub in back room. (I told him no buggy til after is me time to write...damn it!)...but I understand coffee is good for you...after I have my prayer juice (yes I pray the Lord's Prayer while drinking my first drink in a.m. It sets the day up right and I have yet to do this...let's see if this will help the reality to go the way it should go..proceeding along those paths of righteousness(yikes what if this doesnt help) but I found it most certainly does, connecting with the infinite powers that be...I do believe in those powers, some may not, as they say in French "Viva La Difference!"....soon more...give me a break...5 for 50 ale (too early!)...thanks!


  1. Most Art a "feeling" process? To expand on this, I feel, yes, it is true, it is a feeling process because feelings are attached to an attempt TO CHANGE REALITY. So maybe anytime anyone feels something...reality changes. Maybe this "feeling" or "sensor activity" is a branch to a new reality discovery. This is a new way of looking at reality. Certainly I have seen it from "both sides now".
    So how is gray matter changed?

    Ito Aside: This is just way too much information. I am constantly frustrated with someone dips into my "me" time. I need that 3 hour tour in the morning to get back to where I left off at art school. I was in 3rd year, and will always be in that suspended sentence, I will in fact, always be in "jail" do not pass go do not collect how many dollars?". Damn! NOw the cats are crying for more food or kitty litter newspaper. Here's the news kitty...WAIT TIL 8:30. I FED YOU, I CLEANED (NO I DIDNT) YOUR KITTY LITTER, COME ON, GIVE THE OLD MOMSY A BREAK...CRAP!

    So where were we? Oh yes the plastic means. Certainly I am not using that word correctly. The plastic means is really...3D art on a 2D surface. Let's talk the Italian Renaissance, whereby the discovery of perspective was formulated with the vanishing point.Braunlesci? Oh gosh I got to reboot those Italians too? When I talk plastic means, i really mean, art as it effects reality ok, just to get this straight and to clear up any misconception by absence of fact. Sorry if any confusion here. I am still trying to stop the cats from meowing...!

    Plastic means or reality shift by the artist is perhaps the greatest and significant method of attaching greatness (at least for me) to an art work. When I first went to NYC and discovered MOMA I realized this. The immediate effect (and the effect to this day of my memory of the art)of Jackson Pollock work greatly effected my plastic means that day. I really felt that the huge renderings of Mr. Jackson were so huge and so alive as to actually breathe. How can this be? How can a painting breathe? It wasnt a hallucination. The work had sublimated the artist's soul so much as to breathe. This is the artist recreating creation, tweaking the set plastic means, bending the straw, curing the vanishing point, changing reality. Distorting the plastic means to recreate a new current, a new discovery, a new invention, a new plastic means. Maybe, once the shock and awe of the new wears off, then we have a new art movement.

  2. curing? I meant curving...lack of focus on those typos, but oddly curing is really an interesting Freudian slip. Curing the vanishing point like death needs a cure...hmmm...well...
    yes, I do believe with the new antiaging drugs that aging can be cured. we were suppose to live forever a long time ago, as in we may have been born into the infinite and somehow infinity found the vanishing point, where A as (thank you Dr Barrio-Garay) the vanishing point is also infinity but bent to a certain extent, ever so slightly bent to a new reality, ever so slightly different reality. And I am getting proof of this everyday in my synchronicity studies. We have bent space out there which may have contibuted to our dying into the vanishing point. Maybe at one time this vanishing point was not so prevailent and we were "more" eternal. As I am listening in another window Dr. Timothy Leary and various authors I want to read to expand on this new my age I am losing focus...because i degenerate somehow from that true path or destiny of design which is always more now than ever changing...therefore paths are made to change...but if it is predetermined that change is not really change anyway...if you get my drift...more on this later...just variables and constants are studied in the BIG PICTURE, THE SCHEME OF THINGS.
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