Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do Repressed Emotions Cause Higher Cortisol Levels

Recently, the negative effects of Cortisol on the human body have been studied. Cortisol (stress hormone) causes cancer. Isn't it time to study why and how of cortisol's release and how to stop this hormone's negative features on the human body?
It is my proposal that a study of repressed emotions be institued immediately, in order to understand the human repression methods and how repression or negative emotions not resolved can lead to cortisol release. The key mind/body link is very important to fully understand and appreciate.
Certainly, we live in a dangerous world, with many negative components. However, it seems that humans ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THE NEGATIVE'S INFLUENCE on the human and the human's survival. How many people have too high levels of cortisol which are causing them to die early? Could it be that repression + chemicals in the air, earth, water are causing a recombinant effect, and multiplying the consequences of repressions existence?
So the triade of chemicals, emotional reactions causing negative chemical release, stress overall, and a society which promotes stress-filled existence through lack of an understanding of the sensitive issue of emotion and emotion understanding.
Society may be ingnoring the emotions effect on the human because the system of society is set up in a trickle-down effect. Our goals arre ALL WRONG. Instead of placing MONEY at the epicentre of our universe (which has happened) we need to TURN UPSIDE down this pendulous gravity inducing illness and resort to A TRICKLE UP EFFECT. Remove the gravity of life, put the indidual back on the hierarchy pedestal, make Mammon (Money god) on the bottom as a method, not a means to human greatness. And then,maybe,we will, as a society of the world be successful and successfully deal with the multitude of problems and negative news we have created for ourselves because WE PLACED MAMMON ON THE TOP. We need to reexamine our PRIORITIES folks! Let's put the HUMAN first! Then all good things shall flow from that spirit of RIGHTEOUSNESS! RIGHT ON!!!

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