Saturday, June 13, 2009

Will Has A Worm

you come ome from your forays
looking pale white rider
on a ghostly sheet
you wanna eat

you gotta eat!
what do you want?
what do you got?
I have hot dogs
(he wont want hot dogs he
had them all last week)
The Butterballs and the Chicken Ones
and Dad only like all beef
or you could have
the chicken and rice soup
or a peanut and butter sandwich
or left over chicken dinner
from two nights ago

as i wait for the soup to mike
i realize it is taking too long
your pallor becomes you more
and then you are crashed on the couch
and you look a heap of a sad man boy
and I said just a minute
like an emergency room nurse might say
at midnight when the crew just got out
of the bar
and decided to fight over a girl

so i realize now
that you need food
how dumb of me not to think you would
so how much and what do you want
you dont stop eating
after you ate all that?
now you are going for the Sugar Crisps
that's ok
you are hungry
where's the other stuff you ask
what i ask as i am typing this
what do you want come on?
oh you want the granola woodland variety
and i hide it on myself
because the bottom of it was
well it got honey on it
because i had turned the honey upside down
to use up the last of it
and you put a bit of granola on the Sugar Crisp
and then you take the new honey of DAd's
and I say "enough of that" as
I am sure you would empty it
you say "can you observe"
hey Will you are just like me
you understand the worm from the thing
you see through lead
you are my superman
you always will be my will
wearing the superman outfit
day after day
so that you could fly away
to better worlds
maybe not found here?

jajo 13 jun 09

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