Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soul Sisters

"How can the hunted know the hunter when the hunter or hunters are hidden in their lair by stealth and camoflage?" Kirsten Wilson asked her best friend Sandra Delano "Exactly, Kirsten, you cannot. That is why we must use the one thing we have left; the freedom of the press. All other freedoms have been taken away from us." Kirsten looked worn out, her eyes sunken, puffy from crying all night and anemic dark circles making her look haggard for a twenty year old. "The thing is, Sandra, I know exactly why I have been treated this way, there is no hiding that. These hunters cannot hide behind their pack of lies forever, eventually, the true shall prevail!" Sandra gave a long tired sigh, "Kirsten if I knew an easier way out, I would employ it, right now, going to the press is the only way. If we do not ever see justice, that is one thing, at least public opinion should sway in our favour once the truth is told. I cannot see how single mother's had been so obviously singled out for so long, having all these evil deeds done to them, without anyone noticing or caring." Sandra looked across the room and back and Kirsten, "You know friend, it has been a very long time. We have both been through so much. Through the bitter and the thin, you have stuck with me, like shit to a blanket! Come here!" Sandra opened her arms wide and Kirsten knew this was exactly the time Sandra called a "group hug". As silly as the hug was to them both, it did create a lasting bond. both Sandra and Kirsten never consciously knew they had shared such a deep relationship. Their mutual highs and lows in life seem to independently intertwine, and this was the time the friendship became stronger than it had ever been in the past. Today, without their knowing or realizing, and by some sort of cosmic design, an imprinted mandala of sacredness; the soul sister affinity becoming infinitely bound. Sandra and Kirsten finally realizing the score, and what they were up against, silently nodded to one another, a confirmation of knowingness and understanding the power that encircled their lives was much, much bigger than both of them.

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