Saturday, June 20, 2009

For public address: Could Hydrogen be changing it's atomic structure

With the combined "green house gases" out there, in the enviromment, mixing and melding is bound or bond to occur. It may be that the shuttle leak (which has wholly confounded the NASA community)of hydrogen gas may be due to an atomic structure heretofor not understood; environmental hydrogen bonding.
This hypothesis stems from the fact that gases are bonding organically in our enviroment due to man's assault against the environment. The many years of discharge of various kinds of gases and/or atomic particles is leading to hydrogen become distil impure,in other words, hydrogen gas on our planet has become more votile.

Take for example the many sponaneous fires burning in various areas. Or the lack of ozone could make the hydrogen change it atomic structure.

If it isnt the valve, and it may not be just the valve, we have a deadly form of hydrogen which may start to become more of an unstable mass. Could someone address this issue please

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