Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kitty Vespas

Kitty Vespas
Prayers for the Abandoned Cats
Since Miss Kitty missing
I chanced to see
a cat hotel
with 130 cats
in a vacant house
restored to Kitty Adoption Home
Where all these kitty's vied for my affection
so I would
bring them home

How can I find my cat after seeing all of their
cute kitty faces
all the blacks ones came to me
wanting me to take them home
one crawled up in me and dug in deep
and I had to mother his neck to release
me from kitty kat klaws

Miss kitty was not here
neither was Shy Guy
who was adopted to a farm
or beautiful black blue
I thought I saw Bert
my lovely gray tabby
Farm cats that left me
after Miss Kitty adopted me
bringing each cat
to me
four in all
each day
by the laundry line
a new kitten to love

Miss Kitty
where did you go
when you ran away from here
why did you run
like a bat out of hell
where did you go
where did Tappy go too
my beautiful black and white
tuxedoed gentleman
with four white boots
and a bib
and cute goatee
of Miss Kitty please return
after these four lonesome days

Miss Kitty
I sure miss you
and will keep searching for you
you may be alive or dead
I will see you in each cat I meet
and wonder if it is you
like I did with my first cat Belle
or Barney, or Beau
the gray malkins
how I search high and low
in valley, dale and stream
to find you dead or alive
to find you are somewhere
and are ok

Dear Miss Kitty
please return to me
I am missing you so
you were so cute
and smart
bringing to me
your kittens
one by one
day by day
til I accepted you
as my farm cat

I love cats


ps please adopt a local cat from your human society or SPCA. They are so needing of love, and it is so sad to see them without the love they need. Thank-you!

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