Saturday, June 13, 2009

SPACE is all that and a BAG of Potato Chips M&M

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themote: good morning

anyone home?

Me: yah how do you do that?


themote: Ctrl^G

Me: ok?

you program?

Y-program...or S-program?


themote: it's not programming

Me: so whats up


themote: hold down the Ctrl key and type a G

Me: what i got this hacking cough

oh ya..that is it?

i could program?

themote: it's not programming

it's just a feature in Yahoo Messenger

Me: i did it magic

themote: you didn't do it

Me: you are gifted

themote: while holding down the CTRL key, press the g

Me: i have learn to adapt to my less than stellar nonput

ok i will try ...again!


themote: you have to hold it down

Me: are you pulling my leg?

i did



themote: there ya go

Me: is that it just type in ding

ya i know that

but the ctrl button and the g...what does that do?


that's what does this...

Me: i may figure this out one day

did you hear my ding?

themote: it's 2 keys, not much to it

Me: oh to make the ding you do the crtl and g?

that's it?

themote: yes

Me: no i am not talking ding

but thanks anyway



Me: no i didnt hear that

i think it is not working once you start typing?

it is an attention getter than quits once you type?

themote: anyway...hydrogen vent valve leak

Me: maybe an inbedded program?


so whats wrong with the friggin' seals (g) seals

themote: may not be the seals, could be the plate

Me: they dont know

something says "too cold"

is anything broken?

themote: they won't know until they can get to the hardware

Me: wonders if cold morphs

maybe the material cannot handle the cold extremes and then hot

make silica seals hey a new industry is sprung

got to talk to the rubber band man

serious problemo

themote: these types of umbilicals have been used for decades

Me: i am amazed at how many "components" looks so hodge podge lodge

themote: it's not the materials, more likely an installation problem

Me: umbilicals? i dont get the theory fax me a blueprint of the seals and I'll see what I can do (joke)

i had one of those 3 x's

i had a lot of knots in it..hey your a guy you wont get it

wierd sci

themote: tubes tied eh?

Me: umbilicals...

ty i hope but i am flashing now

i know how the shuttle feels

space has no ideas my extremes


back to space...

themote: umbilicals are connections between the ground equipment and the vehicle

Me: so now the window is ...jun 19

i heard there was more than 4% error in the seals

themote: no

Me: and that was way beyond ok

themote: 4% hydrogen gas present in the area of the umbilical

Me: so it when they open up the valve...i really dont get this so i wont talk about it much...

could you in a nutshell explain the principle of these hydrogen engines for the layperson here

themote: as liquid hydrogen is pumped into the tank, it warms and turns into a gas, that gas is vented overboard, through this valve

Me: why vent?

themote: so that pressure does not build up in the tank

Me: ok

but not too much they were saying they wanted to capture excess venting as it is not good for environment?

themote: no, because it's highly explosive

Me: oh

worse than oxygen?

themote: it is vented out to a flare stack

Me: or gas?

so extreme

the most volatile substance on earth?

themote: no

Me: well i have heard of hydrogen bombs

themote: think Hindenburg

Me: that wouldnt happen, right?


they were nuts

some nut probably smoked on the bridge

themote: lightning

Me: oh ya

well they didnt configure that?

where i lived they have hot air balloons..fiestas

and they are like so easy a target for nuts with bb guns

no wonder the place secure

themote: hot air ballons at least aren't flammable

Me: did you not see the tape of the one on fire in bc?

the flame got to the balloon or something

it was gone in secs

themote: the envelope burned, not the gas inside

Me: oh

still i thought after that to forgo the scenic hotair ride

well i hope they figure out what it the problem and to fix must be extremely frustrating for all

themote: shuttle engines - when you combine liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, it explodes

Me: oh yes that is soooo tricky

i can really empathize with them

themote: they channel that explosion out the nozzles and get thrust

Me: is it a 100% controlled environment?

themote: yes

Me: seems lots of safety in check


themote: so well controlled that they can actually throttle the engines up and down

Me: i mean it is sooo way to make safer? maybe...a third gas to stop the process?

themote: you stop it by shutting off either the fuel or oxidizer

Me: ok

so the nozzle or valve lets in how much oxygen to hydrogen?

fine tooth nail comb balance, eh?

themote: 6 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen

Me: these ratios are so amazing

what is the reaction called?

themote: combustion

Me: will the two bond?

themote: well, the exhaust is steam

Me: combustion = thrust?

themote: controlled combustion = thrust

Me: how to control through the value and the quality of the oxygen and hydrogen

themote: not the valve in question, but yes, the flow rates are controlled by valves

high speed turbopumps feed the fuel and oxidizer into the combustion chamber

about 100 gallons per second


Me: this must be high quality of material how do they combine to get hydrogen, maybe the mix isnt quite right?

themote: no mix, hydrogen is an element

Me: or too good, maybe they went nitro

themote: as is oxygen

Me: it is all chemstry?

themote: the two liquids explode when they come together


Me: that simple?

do they have to measure the atoms first before oking it

themote: no

Me: like so many atoms ppm?


themote: no

Me: something getting too cold?

themote: it's pure hydrogen

Me: pure? what do you mean?

almost need a nuclear scientist to test the quality of the fuel because it is hydrogen after all

themote: pure as in hydrogen and nothing but hydrogen

it's not radioactive

Me: get some buddies from our candu to check for ya

i dont know what the heck i'm saying..

themote: nothing nuclear about it

Me: well it looks darn reactionary aka reactor-ish

themote: it's a chemical reaction, not a nuclear reaction

Me: well maybe it is trying to bond

and getting too cold..?

themote: like combining baking soda and vinegar

Me: fusion baby

not that simple?

themote: no fusion, no fission, just chemical reaction

Me: oh

i think there is more to it, but ok

themote: you overthink stuff

Me: when you say hydrogen i go...ohhhh


nuclear sci dept

i talked to the dude at the candu and he is look way out

so just the guy

themote: hydrogen is not radioactive

Me: no..ok

themote: just flammable

Me: well who knows these atomic bonding principles or reactions they are still so..."?"

themote: the liquid hydrogen is -423ºF

Me: i mean chemically it sounds good all is homeostatic...yet, there may be something else happening?

themote: well, this is very well understood chemistry

no mysteries

Me: so then did they always test for coldness uppers limits..could it go beyond those limits?

themote: no

Me: -423 another magic unchangeable number

what is your synopsis as to the problem?

themote: no, as the temperature rises, sitting out there in the tank in the Florida sunshine, it boils off, forming a gas

Me: so something is becoming temp unstable?

themote: the current problem is likely a seal between the umbilical and the vehicle

Me: consistency is key?

the seal may need to test for that cold temp again...maybe the product is faulty

what are the seals made of?

themote: by the time it forms a gas, it isn't that cold


silicone rubber

Me: rubber! i knew it!

use that tile matter on the seals


themote: silicone

Me: oh that is plastic no good

too temp sensitive you want like sand or something that can take both heat and cold?

themote: no, it's rubber and they use these seals in every rocket ever flown

Me: ok so the gates company has you hooked

what about the jones siliia sealers?

no i am not a aerospace engineer maybe a wannabe?

well hope it fixes ...but good they have the safety protocols

sometimes cant see the forest for the trees mentality

themote: yes, not everything is a complex mystery

Me: good to know

hey motie

do you know a krishmara?

themote: last time, they just removed the umbilical plate and reinstalled it, making sure it was on-center

Me: yes, i heard they were "lucky"

themote: is that a person?

Me: the problem is probably due to faulty material

themote: no, it's not the materials

Me: hey i am not HAL, but ya know..this isnt rocket sci, oh yes it is

ok then what?

themote: it's a problem in how the technicians are mounting the plate, some error in lining it up

Me: oh..ya i heard alignment

themote: yep

Me: just like when i made that LEM in 69 i guess

themote: ??

Me: model

themote: ah

Me: well it happens

do you get the JEFF?

themote: don't know what that is

Me: it makes no sense to me..the japanese unit they are assembling up there. they got a BIG job ahead of them

3 arms all at once


JEFF AND JELLY odd names! i mean it looks like an add on to the trailerpark...

themote: jelly?

Me: the names of the new japanese addons

i just dont know why they cant look better

like more streamline

like the old streamline


themote: don't need streamlining in space

Me: ya, i know but the design looks too complicated for the louis k sullivan arts

themote: the Japanese Lab is named Kibo

Me: form follows function I know but this in in excess

i would have made it round everything round like dr evils big boy

themote: it's shaped to fit in the cargo bay of a shuttle

Me: they are so piddly too many little pieces

themote: are you trying to say EF and ELM?

Me: maybe

themote: EF, not Jeff

Me: oh

themote: Exposed Facility

Me: i thought i heard jeff


yes, what is that a hallway to the death star?

themote: ELM = Experiment Logistics Module

Me: honestly

what is it?

it looks like small isnt why dont they use more telescoping ARRAY thingies

themote: it's a platform attached to the lab for placing experiment and materials out into the vacuum of space

Me: yes, it is a platform, they dont need diving boards in space, but ok

i think it is a reaching platform?


Me: i dont get it at all

themote: there's a picture

Me: ty

i saw pics of it still i dont get the inner workings of it, is there inner workings?

themote: the big thing with NASDA on the side, you see that?

Me: hold on making eggs too ya know

ok got the d/l

oh that's huge!

themote: you see the big module?

Me: how many sections?

themote: 1 thing at a you see the large module with NASDA on the side?

Me: yes


ok, that next picture is of the inside of that module

the "inner workings"

Me: yes like a hallway?

so they have a better method of working outside? somewhere to "stand"

themote: it's the lab

those are equipment racks on the sides

and an airlock at the end

ok, this picture has a person in it so you can gauge the size

Me: okty

themote: a large place for lots of equipment

the EF or Exposed Facility is like a front porch where they can put stuff outside and see how it reacts to space

they use the airlock to move things in and out of the Lab to the EF

Me: is this the first stage this "platform" they are putting up?

themote: and the robot arm allows them to move things around outside without having to do a spacewalk

Me: that's a great idea

themote: no, this is the last part

the smaller module sitting on the big one is a storage area

Me: oh really, wow

it is getting to be this huge huge construct

themote: yep, they are almost done

a couple more modules to go

the spacewalks are to connect all the power, data and plumbing

Me: it is all very amazing

i am overwhelmed at the immensity of the project

wonders how many man hours

themote: most complex engineering feat in human history

millions of man-hours

Me: yes, it would have the pyramids beat

looking at a lot of sweat up there

all very beautiful sweat i might add

themote: and on the ground

Me: yeah, for sure

it must be mostly on the ground..there is a lot of thought into this...and so complex

themote: thousands of people all over the world

Me: yes, all the countries, what a wonderful thing

so all the best scientists worldwide

themote: scientists, engineers, technicians

Me: wonders what the motto of the space boldly go where no one has gone before...?

so what is the group called, the multi nation task force?

themote: the project is called the International Space Station

radio call sign "Alpha"

Me: mission name?

besides STS 127 seems dull

themote: STS-127 is the shuttle mission

Me: yes but i mean i guess public has to look up to see what is isnt really clear from the name sts 127

themote: no name for it really, it has an assembly designation of 2J/A

Me: so then the next mission or minmissions are all done in sequence?

oh this is new

themote: new to you I guess

Me: yes..

themote: first assembly mission was 1R

Me: i am just back onboard from a hiatus of focusing on other less than worldly thing...but I came SPACE

1R...ok...i like how they think at NASA ...very technical

no the human equation is rather...distant

i mean they need a better name for the projects that elaborate on the specifics so then you go..oh ya i remember sts 127 the EP project

anyway...just my input

well...i guess if the mass public is really interested..they'll TUNE INTO NASAtv!!!

you want more interest, make it more interesting..?

i think they need that now, because the time is now just like it was back in the late 60's

it is a now space happening

ok the nuts and bolts are your is foreign to most ppl

as a reg here..but hey i am a willing learner..things have changed a lot

well i was a time traveller

speaking from...2121

joke..hey you gettin lunch or launch?

i am trying to find the keys to the shuttle be right back

themote: just watching the screen

Me: ok motie

whats new

i had competing fishing show

mostly repeat

so i turned off plus nasa tv makes my comp slow

for some unknown reason

themote: just looking at the schedule for today

pretty light schedule

typical Saturday

they'll have plenty of time to look out the windows today

Me: so what do the astronauts do, kick back and blog?

twitter some?

themote: well, there's no direct Internet connection on the Station

Me: hey...i would be

well each day must be that much $$$ but considering what is invested, peanuts

themote: they can send and receive e-mail over a secure server

Me: ohyah?


themote: the Station crew doesn't have much to do with the shuttle until it

Me: could hack that?

themote: s docked

it's a closed system, no hacking

Me: oh too bad...cant eavesdrop

that would be cool though..maybe i'd pay good money like a reality show

themote: they broadcast mission audio from the Station and have a video downlink

mostly Earth views from the external cameras

Me: yah "safe" no swears kind of pr goodie too shoes stuff

ya i want the grit

oh dang lost another friggin bolt that sort of thing

real nasa behind the scenes or bloopers?

am i sensing ...a spin off?

themote: ReelNASA on YouTube

Me: nasa too square

themote: a lot of behind the scenes video

Me: ya but all so campy and staged

themote: ??

Me: i know even reality tv that is fake ish.oh never mind i meant REAL TIME baby,

themote: have you watched the videos?

Me: that is too much to ask

themote: well, there's real-time communications from the Station to the ground

it's broadcast 24/7

Me: maybe astronauts are just plain boring?

themote: the astronauts talking to all the centers

Me: ok it just doesnt bring in mass appeal..need more soap operas from space to get the public to "buy in" lots of $$$ in that! top


themote: well, they are there to do science, not entertainment

Me: ohhhh need to eat some food..yes food that would help(maybe?)

yes that is my problem

i have a job to do i cannot entertain as well

i need extra for that

well anyway. back to the routine



themote: ok, adios

Me: ok tanks

chat on the upside

themote: ok

Me: *^*

themote is typing...
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