Friday, June 19, 2009

TODAY IS Friday June 19, 2009 GODSPEED WALTER CRONKITE..Jane keeps writing on and on and on...

Dear Jim: Walter Cronkite is, by far, the most amazing

news reporter and foreign correspondent of all time! His

gentle yet commanding voice of authority and familiar face

was as comforting as being at home. Walter connects me

immediately to the early 60's excellence in news reporting,

in particular the Apollo space flights. Bringing a keen

human interest to the headlines, Walter humanized the news

and made the news accessible for everyone. It did feel that

Walter's unique personality made us feel that he was right

in the room with you, as comforting as an old friend or

surrogate father. Fondly remembered are the "moon shots"

and Walter Cronkite love of space flight, and inspired my

love of space. As a living legend Walter Cronkite's star

will shine brightly for us, leading the way for future

space reporting. As the next stage of space flight and

return to the moon with the Orion project it will difficult

to fill Walter Cronkite's footprints. Like the footprints

on the moon made by the Apollo astronauts Walter's imprint

leaves lasting and indelible impressions. Thank-you, Walter

Cronkite for being there through these extraordinary life

moments in time. Blessings to Walter and his family! Jane


Dear Gayle: Please forgive my typo in the last post. My

computer cannot keep up with my lightening-speed typing

digits! I meant to say "offensive", as in; the online Crit

groups are very often cruelly offensive. It is good to know

that you have constructive critism groups available in the

US. Yes, the online groups were not very helpful at all.

Gayle, do you meet privately with other "critiquers" (is

that the word?)on a weekly basis? Is this meet and greet

group a "meat and potatoes" operative who freely assert

their values in the form of writer's essentials; plot(and

subplots), characters, dialogue,scene, setting, atmosphere,

analytic compare and contrast, syntax, style, etc? Does the

Crit group "get down to brass tacks"? Or is the sole

purpose of the Crit group for other nefarious purposes such

as editing, grammar, spelling, ect errors?

It would be wonderful to connect or network with a

professional group of writers in my hometown. Libraries may

be a good place to advertise. Also, I would love to join a

book club.

Has anyone here had any positive experience with weekly

book clubs? It would remind me of my university days

studying Forms of Fiction from Homer to Kafka. The books

were stacked and were taller than me, yet I managed to read

them all at least once, if not three times each. Most

students had read each novel at least three times and were

schooled in the classics from an early age, as their

daddies were often departmental heads at the University.

Much knowledge having been obtained from tutorial teachers

(TA's) discussing the detailed aspects of the classic

works. Professors can be far too busy assigning tasks,

planning the next class with the tactical approach to

historically analyzing the context, and style of the

novel's particular epoch.

The complimentary essays, by the great essayists and men

and women of letters also had to be read after the initial

1000 plus books were read. The reading was hard on the

eyeballs after a time. To read by the midnight oil after a

long day of walking for miles to classes became so

hypnotically exhausting, that I would often have many books

surrounding me like sleeping lovers.

After the literary masterpieces were briefly discussed, the

student had to sort, correlate and compilate the streams of

data. Luckily, today the students have the computer with

major works online to read. The cost of many books being

somewhat prohibitive. Sparx Notes being an excellent site

for the nascent reader of the classics. If we were caught

reading Coles Notes (brief summary on the classics) we

surely failed, but luckily I did not fail.

There must have been prying professors spying on the eager

student in bookstores purchasing Coles notes Either that or

there was a network of the literati divining powers unto

the righteous Coles Notes non-imbibers.

Glad those halcyon days are far behind me as I clamour to

find new footing on the rungs on that ever-expanding

ladder to the books. Continuing forever onwards and upwards

past the Five Foot Hight Shelf of Books at the Carnegie

library of the mundane and esoteric information. Knowledge

being like that never ending spiral to the Infinite and

Beyond! It is worth the climb! Jane Jones

Dear Karen, Carl, Dafydd; Glastonbury may hold secrets yet. There may have been
a secret cult (such as the Rosecrucians for example) who's sole purpose could
have been to withhold key information on Arthur's whereabouts or
reliquarian(vessel where bones, etc., of the departed is kept)remains. I dont
want to sound like another conspiracy theorist, but the idea that there may be
hidden codes (as per the DaVinci Code by Dan Brown)within Glastonbury's walls,
floors, crypt eras could be an exciting study. Does anyone know if there are any
ongoing investigations as to the hidden world of Arthur's remains? (Do I hear
"book deal"?)Jane Jones

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