Thursday, June 4, 2009

Half Way There

Why, all my life I have always been
only half-way there so it seems
Where I want to be is completely whole
Never knowing the donut or the glass
life takes it's toll
I am alway only ever
half-way there

Where's the other half that I so miss
missing piece, huge chunk
is it a man I miss or a piece of me
how will i ever know
I got so far to go

When I look around I see black and white
Good and Bad
Right and Wrong
Ying and Yang
Yep, we're all only half-way there

How will I know when I finally find
the other half
the better half
to all that binds
Where do I go when I finally find that other
fifty cents?

What do you see when you look at the floor
the ugly rug, the dog hair or the fluff
do you see the good the bad or the ugly
or do you make the ugly look good
by cleaning it up like an angel scent

How will I find the other half
it cant be you to fill the void
the emptiness I am missing
isnt you, it's me
the me I've found today

Hey being hollow is ok, I LIKE MY THINNESS
skinny is hollow is it not? than skinny I be
with all that filling fat
that makes up the other half
I found my niche
half and half
apples and oranges
just won't add up
dont worry
now i can
deal with that!

jajo jun 4 09

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