Sunday, June 7, 2009

Orson Welles

Michael: Orson Welles is one of my favourite actor/directors!If War produces great things, Orson Welles certainly missed swiss chocolate, the swiss army knife and Heidi Jungian smurfs! Love Orson Welles his voice is so "booming" and frightening, yet he sort of reminds me of Bob Hope. The cuckoo clock being the next best thing to "War of the Worlds" which still creates mass invasional delusions. Those "cuckoos" are psychological warfare to the max! Why are we so afraid of being invaded? We should be use to it by now... as far as controversy. Hey Rosebud!(more than a sled I have heard speaking about controversy;! wasnt that 'a special place' of Mrs. Randolf Hearst (your area of specialty, publishing of course!)from Citizen Kane...jajo I shall have to rent the rest of this movie...The Third Man: Creativity & The Cuckoo it ever presented on TCM? So you are a film buff too Thanks MG!

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