Sunday, June 21, 2009

Joke of the Day: Too Much Re-idiot-ation

Joke of the Day

The wife says to her husband, "Why do you keep reiterating

the same thing all the time. I hear you! You want me to get

you a drink, you know I am going to get you a drink. It

really, really annoys me when you keep asking me the same

thing, over and over again? If you tell me once that should

be good enough,don't you think? I'm not a reiterating

idiot, only a berated idiot known as beidiot which in fact

I am becoming from chronic reidiotizing!

The husband reiterated "Honey can you get me that drink,


Wife's tense smile while she delivers 10 glasses of orange juice as ordered

by the husband. "Would you like the 10 more drinks you ordered, dear? They

are on the counter going bad".

Husband says "Yes, bring them here, dear, thanks".

Wife says "Oh brother...".

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