Monday, June 22, 2009

hope everyone had a lovely LONG day jesterday

Editor's note: ever since that "scathing idictment" and "profusely insulting" story, I have been getting flak from the heads at NASA. No seriously, not really. Well maybe. As a civilian overseer of Safety Issues at NASA (hell no one else seems to be doing it, why can't I?)I realize that there is a very STRONG PROTECTIONIST racket of some sort. NOt that there is CHRIS HATFIELD breaking anybodies legs or stuff like that (well maybe?), but I really think that ROBERTA BONDAR doesnt give a crap about my opinions anyway, (yes she does care about how I feel about that horrible northern highway between Sault Ste Marie and Thunderbay...(you thought ICETRUCKERS looked bad)...but anyway, here is the scoop that rattled the cage of the non-stop hydrogen leak at NASA. And they call me the psycho-housewife...from HELL or NASA? Anyway, if they had one of those disasters you'd know the answer. Better psycho now than sorry later, right, right? RIGHT????? jUST A LITTLE menopausal angst on the MOnday morning, good for fodder, look, writers got to make a living, right? And if it means that we just happen to discover (oh there's that word again)something, we got to think, when we are not able to conjecture we're all in the big blue bin baby! We're all related (yah, we're talking SARNIA here)...and so it goes, and so it goes...stay tuned to the next NASA SERIES of short stories 52 Bradbury Ave productions. Look I got to feed my kids, right? jANE jONES ps NO INSULT EVER INTENDED...gosh is HATFIELD ever sensitive! I LOVE YA HATFIELD!

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Me: good morning motie

hope I didnt insult NASA in any way it was just a STORY! CRIP!

it is called hypothetical fiction!

(covers a host of sins)

seriously, i wrote a good piece, less...illuminating, but never insulting...when conjecture gets insulting..ppl insult too easily and you have to ask..."what the heck are they hiding?"


so other than that

if you'd like to read it you are welcome to visit my blog site

but you are all nuts and bolts so...ya...well...ummm




i know...hey..let bygones be bygones, right?

oh oh i crossed that demilitarized zone again...

civilian overseer here!


how the heck does that happen says the brass

well...luck would have it "youre damn lucky i saved your ask me no more questions"

later alligator, right?

the flow must flow

unless it is dammed up

and then?

well, then you are s o l

but anyway i dont know from ancronyms

acronyms right


let the geniuses do they making

and the rest of us watch



no seriously...dont fear, we ARE working on it,


uh huh back to basics

whats up with the leak today?

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