Friday, June 19, 2009

King Arthur and the Knights Templar: Crusades Made Hay

Dear Thomas et al: This is true, the monks were diabolic towards the knights because they were persecuting the Knights Templar as per Dan Brown special recently. The were a chasm in the ecumenical hierarchy and it was believed that there some Popes' who were jealous of the many successful quests of the Knights errant. This tv special was on the History Channel last month, regarding the Knights Templar, Masons connection. Apparently as the Knights became exceedingly wealthier on their many exploitive crusades much rife was caused due to an innate fear that the Knights would eventually overthrow in the status quo dictates at that time. Can anyone further support this "sketchy" observation? Jane Jones --- In, Thomas Myers wrote:

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  1. Dear Carl: Dr. Ashe's theories may need the one thing lacking to date; proof. Until that time, until verifiable proof of an actual artefact is provided; all is lost in a sea of elaborate conjecture. However this is not to say that Dr. Ashe is in anyway incorrect, just presently not verified by scientific method. I keep getting the feeling that there is vessel in Rome's many catacombs that may attest to Dr. Ashe's search for the Holy Arthur! Maybe? Jane Jon