Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jane writes by commenting instead of what she should do AND WRITE...although i do polish the apple somewhat

Dear Gayle: Maybe the net

has opened the door to too

many scabs.(joke). Sorry

to say, but in the end, the

lowest bidder may take

precidence over quality. As

a writer this means the

highest quality is a

specialized area. The sweat

of the brow as far as

content is concerned is

individual-specific and not

easily copied. Has anyone

gotten away with copying a

famous writer's style or

skill? No. It would be

advantegous always protect

that artist specific

content because knowledge

is power and power

translates to money.
If you want to be an artist,

and write from an artistic

versus commercial writer

point of view, to coin an

old phrase you have the

open-ended possibility of

making more cash than you

could shake a fist. Remember

always this phrase; unto

thyself be true; Biblical.

Seems people today are

always willing to pay for

top quality content. To have

to have that special

something; means consistency

and specialty. Those many

special skills; i.e.;

writerly craftsmanship,

ideas, concepts, opinions,

knowledge, all translate to

power/money. Yes, there are

ways to get there; study

your favorite writer. Do not

copy that writer, but

embellish the same skills,

and if that writer is rich

and famous, you have a

better chance of meeting the

same good fate. I think it

was Ed Beckley the real

estate magnate, who stated

you must hang around rich

people to get rich

(paraphrasing here. Simple

a concept as this equation;

rich = rich, it is more

often the case than not.

Find those rich contacts and

then, go ahead, wine and

dine them and give them your

business plan. You will find

your own particular "niche"

and run with it. You are

then much more likely to

have people knocking your

door down. It will mean

concentrating and focuses

solely on your own

specialized area of

expertise. Working on this

concept myself and hoping to

get results soon (yah,

right)..."polish that


from Andy Warhol)...:)ps

please remember the above

content is for entertainment

purposes only, I haven't a

clue what I am talking
Dear Bruce: The moralistic struggle seems Lazarusian

enough, and I feel there is always that formula. Struggling

as humans do with the good the bad and the ugly. Hatred is

ugly, and you save us at the end (as usual Sir Bruce) with

the old bait and switch and we are back on even footing.

You do so like to balance things, and this is unique and

goodly in this fine work of poetry! Mucho gratis! <
may be a bit too much for this flailing human rapturously

clamouring on the pedagogic scale of justice; tettering

every which way and somewhat loose. Lose those chains that

bind if we can? am I getting there?Jane Jone

Bruce Hamilton's
Our hatreds distill into smirks
constructed from daggers or dirks
eternally aiming
toward absolute maiming
that hurts how the universe works.

That sounds too normal and too formal.

Dear Bruce: Would not the two negatives cancel each other?

"Vast repositories? More likely vast depositories that get

flushed down the old spiral galaxy to be born of LOVE!

Maybe? Wouldn't that be nice? Jane Jones who never hates

only sends out good love vibes!--- In

Bruce Hamilton's
I like your hatred of our hatreds, vast
repositories sure to last and last.

Dear Gayle: Are you talking about

Crit groups? Crit groups can get "highly critical" and

offence, and not very helpful. Struggling writers trying to

have their work critiqued and not the other way around. I

would submit work, only to have a few "chip in" with

negative comments like "I don't read romance, so I can't

help you, sounds good though", or "you're character is too

boring" or "not enough action". Often, at least this what I

have found to be true, to weed out the good advise from the

bad. Are you talking about professional crits Gayle? This

would make a lot more sense. I have tried the online Group

Crits, and personally found them to be more insulting than

helpful. When I made a well-meaning suggestion, they

abruptly "booted me permanently". Very closed minded. If

you have any crit groups out there which has professional

input, I would be most interested. Thank-you for bringing

this to my attention. Yours truly, Jane Jones

>Dear Tom: "Irish is her

first language": does this

mean the Irish lady Editor

is Irish Gaelic? She speaks

the Queen's English, or

American English? She will

not have a clue as to the

unique speech of the

Oklahoman or Texan. How will

you deal with this? She may

say "Oh dear, let me "fix"

the language, and your

Western characters will all

start having a British (or

Irish) accent. How will she

save the dialogue from being

overly "sanitized" by

grammar's strict rules? I

would say to her; "clean up

everything BUT the dialogue.

You wont have much of your

uniqueness left if she dares

touch the dialogue! ps This

is just my opinion, or my

two cents worth! Take it for

that, please! :) Jane Jones

only sends out good love vibes!
about! Jane Jones---

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