Monday, June 8, 2009

O...OoooooooK to Optpiks

you remember Okpiks?
They are an odd reminder of wierd
animals that eskimos make
between Northern Lights
odd hued magnetic movement
s-curving behind the sun
you send me into retrograde
reversed engineered moment in time
behind the sun
something changes
like the poles
play with that
and then the sky did odddddd ottttpiks to me
up north
like the Hale-Bop coming from the North East
Aurora coming from the North West
The Potato Asteroid coming from the South West
and me coming from the South East
Do I have it covered
All these celestial objects and me
at the same time?
whats up with that eh?
What if I really am a star
what do i do then
wait to be further lonelied?
alone and lied too?

What are you trying to say sky
is it a dream or a statement
for me to do something
if i look at my hands in a dream
i can do something
but not if I dont do anything now
when it needs to be done
and that is why i am here
or was there
up north for a time
my memory will not let me forget
like a replay slightly changed deja vu feeling
a glitchy glimpse of other worldly worlds while
living this one
what do i do with two worlds
or more at once
I need a garage sale!


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