Sunday, June 21, 2009

Open letter to Michael Burstein: The Value of the Artist

Dear Michael Burstein: This article is very true to form; and an excellent summary as to the many legal problems facing writers, artists, etc., on the net today.

If I wanted "exposure" I would go outside in my -70 degree Celcius Canadian winter undressed and shivering and wait for two things to happen; neither of these events are positive events, unfortunately, but that is exactly the same as the treatment given to artists/writers and creators of all kinds on the net today; Here is what will happen to me if I let this problem slide; either I will;

1. freeze to death or

2. get a deadly dose of impending pnemonia caused by the obvious ill-will rather than the supposed goodwill created by the net administrator policy or non-policy of artists/creators today. These nefarious powers that be "not for artists" or creators of any kind. The malicious and callous "freeze out" of artist's rights is not going unnoticed. Artists/writers/creators of all kinds are being tragically compromised to the point of making artists etc., persons non-grata, without any effectual legal rights whatsoever. So how did this dismantling of the creative power be destroyed in this way by net policy?

It simply is this; there are no agencies to protect the mass interest of artists/writers/creators on the net, no umbrella organization to protect all creative endeavors, so the artists, etc. suffer the slight of being virtually ignored, removed from the equation of all rights and priviledges.

The net administration policy smooth operations convincingly seduced artists to accept the idea that "exposure" of their art will be tantemount to
success. The promise of exposure is therefore a hollow promise, offering of crumbs to the artist, etc., who already have had enough of that menu.

Offering artists the supposed "benefit" of exposure could only work for those non-professional artists, writers, etc., who do not mind being pushed into a corner, but definitely not the corner office on 5th Avenue. Such trojan horse-type offeringsby net administration only stokes the fires of the artists', writers' etc.,discontent. Certainly an artists'/writers' revolt is long overdue; but when, how?

The many artists/creators/orginators of protected and copyrighted material do not fathom the depths of these slick power lords of the net.

It has taken a great deal of cold blue steel resolve by net administration to so skilfully to stealthily slink undetected through the naive artists'/writers' garden of net worthy art. This feigned gesture of goodwill by the net administrators is laughable by those who are armed with the knowledge of true copyright laws, which should allow the clause "all forms of media; electronic ect" to hold any weight of merit and benefit to artists, etc. intrinsic rights.

The wholly nasty net administrators who do not want artists, etc looking behind the screen at their dastardly deeds will stop at nothing to remove all rights of potential income earners. Artists, etc., are being denied their rights, and it is all due to faulty policy made by net administrators who do not want to give the creators of said copyright their just desserts. Artists of all kinds deserve better treatment!

Artists et al hardly notice the slight of hand, the magician's power wand vanquishing and vanishing their power base. Most artists, etc today are unknowing living with the potential damage being done to them. Is is not only artists, but the artistic process as well which is under fire by net administrator's lack of adequate copyright laws on the net.

Indeed the admins actions could eventually create the same snare set for the artists. As work submitted will now be a lowly quality since no value is placed upon the artists' intrinsic worth. The freedom to create is usurped by lack of resources it takes to create and maintain the artist and their rightful livelihood.

Yes, the bohemoth net is wholly unfair to the struggling artists/writers. The net policy concerning copyright laws is woefully biased and one-sided.

Artists and writers need to be compensated adequately for their creative art and should not be finagled by those who do not have the artists/writers best interest at heart. Who will protect the best interests of the artists/writers on the net? Any net heroes out there?

Jane Jones Canada

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