Monday, June 8, 2009 magnetics

this spring
has seen
a resurgence
of wierded out weather
cold damp wet
my tomato plants almost
went to rot
accept it is Jun 8th
and I still havent planted yet
I dont want to keep bringing in
the dead things
the plants that wont plant
or die from the early whore-frost

hey I'm no whore
I am no bore
I just dont really love you anymore
but I do
or I wouldnt be here making wierd poetry
and all that rot

as I was saying about solar magnetics
from earlier poetic posts
in particular
Nitrogen Spring
sorry I tried to tell you
but you werent listening
i got your number
why havent you got mine?

Solar magnetics
pole reversals
planets retrograde
missing sunspots
it's been a wierd spring
no fun
swine flu
a bucket or two
and downed hogs
after Mexico polar magnetics tell us
hi I'm a virus born here
from the sun
cant you figure this out
look it is like this
solar activity stimulates the magnetics in the virus
as the sun goes through
these contortions
of reality
pay attention
if you dont get this magnetic bit
you may bite the dust
or star dust
that early stuff
helium and hydrogen
the first elements or compounds
whats up with that
you got to find
the answer soon so you
can hold that magnetic key
we miss

where did it go how so..scared
the bejesut of me

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