Friday, June 5, 2009

David Carradine

Maybe I was addicted to you
Every Saturday morning
during my teenage years
I would wake up to you
before noon
as you portrayed
Kwai Chang Caine

in Kung Fu

The many many films you made
were so awesome and I felt drawn to you
your Zen ways
your calm in all storms
your ballet
your soft footprints on the rice paper
your ability to float

The Silent Flute
brought you back to me
as I always felt I had known you
somehow even thought you
were just acting
to me you were that peaceful
so gentle and kind
magically masterful
in your silken sheets

How could i have been so lucky
to have found your way
in my life
I can hope
for this resolve
this peace
this zen
for all time

Your new ways were radical
it was fun to watch
but you were not kill bill
you were not the mean ol' bill
i laughed at the character
i could hardly recognize you
David Carradine
you were so much more
than I could imagine

as i desired you
in a teacherly way
what's wrong with that?
a return to the kindly
grasshopper days
when you and I
were one
with the universal

to the grasshopper who jumped away from my grasp
and my dreams to act with you one day
may the Lord hold you in His hands
until the day
you can teach me
those peaceful ways
in the Zen garden

Namaste David Carradine!

<88> <88>

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