Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dog drinks water

Right before bear goes out he drinks
enough so he can go outside
and then he bumps on the couch to
get my attention
i say "get your leash"
he does it a happy way
the more he has to go
the happier and faster
he picks up his leash
and comes over to me
to latch it on
and take him out
he is so smart
did this
he understood
what i said

he has a brain
and I go
"oh my, wow, my dog can talk!"
he can do other things
like round up cats
and protect the home
from unseen disaster
he has the shepherd idea of
pushing you with his nose
if he wants you to get going
bear cares about the turtles
when they are out of the water
and scratching in their container
waiting for a change of water

Bear is amazing
saying "mom"
when he wants the very last bit
of food I have on my plate
after he says
i have to give in
being so impressed
and give him
the tasty tidbit
left just for him
and he knows it is my time
to eat
and then if I get almost to
the bottom of my plate
bear speaks up to tell me
to Stop!
he has waited so patiently for sup

bear is like a lovie dovie
and responds so positively to hugs
today he accidently puckered up
and kissed me with pursed lips
as he sneaked a kiss
knowing I dont like doggie lips
because of germs
i immediately wiped my mouth
but thought
"bear is a good kisser"
my daughter probably taught him this
which is really kinda sick
because i said
"do you know how many germs dogs have?"
but she didnt care
until we get sick
all get sick
besides she was but a girl
and I wonder if she will still do this
if she ever comes home

i love my bear and he loves me
bear loves to be babied
sleeps on the bed
I have to bend my legs up to my chest
and sleep contorted to allow
for room to get comfortable
i wake up with bruises where bear
likes to lay
and I think
oh my gosh
he is so big and heavy
he needs his own bed
Bear loves to be
fawned over
molly coddled
and spoiled
call him cutie pie names
he rubs his head in the couch
and his tail goes back and forth
and he makes a laughing breathy noise
which is doggie laughter
i have heard

So in my
high cutesy syrupy sweet
voice of the mistress master
the boys like to hear my
high pitch sound
because it reminds them
of the time
i use to talk to them like that too
it immediately calms everybody down
and I feel a mother's empowerment
and dad soon drifts off to sleep

Bear doesnt like anyone saying
"ahhh isnt he cute" except me
and he will not let anyone hug him too much
or he makes these bear growls
that sound so scary like a real bear
because he has these distinct walls
of dog paranoia
i thought he was an argentinean dogo
or a chupacondra
or a hound of the baskervilles
where did he get this behaviour?

before we got bear
he had been a pound puppy
we were so lucky to find him
when our other dog died
our daughter was inconsolable
and so the new dog a month after
blackie passing to the waiting room
we saw in the local rag
an ad for a new puppy
black like blackie
so cute a black lab
and so huggable
why didnt anyone want such a cute
hybrid called mutt?

bear was a month in the paper
with cute down turned ears
and tilted head
looking up at you
with big brown eyes
he would soon find a new family
to love

who could help but love that pooch
his fur so black and shiny
with little tuffs of white
he has bloomers
and a lions main
and now gray hairs grow around
his mouth
and he looks mature
and has grown nicer
and keeps saying "out"
all the time

Smart dog!
He likes attention
which can drive one crazy
when you are typing he wants to play
and so i say hey guys take him for a walk
and they do
and i would to and do when I can
but i get busy too

we took bear in and
before we knew
he loved us
as much as we loved him
so much so that he would probably die
for us like the Irish Wolfhound is known to do
yet he is a odd mix of a dog
half lab half i think something else not sure what
so Dad says he is all Newfie
but I know he is not THAT big
he must be a dog of a different bred
lab and shepherd or collie

he is unfortunately too uptight at times
being a hybrid strung
but I have seen worse dogs
dogs that go all day in circles
after their tails
or dogs that jump up all day
or dogs that run and never come back
he use to do that
bear stays now but sometimes wants to be
free like the dog down the stree
but we always keep our dog
on a leash
for his own safety and others
and when I go anywhere with many people
he wears a halty so he will never bit
anyone or thing out of excitment
dogs dont know any better
and it is so hard to train out
i need a dog whisperer!

bear like a police dog
i was always afraid of
one once knocking me down in the water
or some that approach
and i stood still
scared out of my wits i know
i had hoped bear would be
the dog I could bring
to the fairs about town
but no that is too much for
this shep
until he turns 92 i suppose

bear is so
protective and this gives me
a problem headache
we have tried everything
but all he needs is consideration
he loves people who are gentle
we were told
he was locked in the basement
for days in the past
before we got him
without food or water

when he barks when you leave it
is due to the fact he wanted to say
please stay
dont go away
never ever again
i understand him completely
poor abandoned pooch
not anymore
he is better
love has won

but he still has these
horrible ingrained habits
formed years ago
that makes him
not trust everyone
especially not
orange vests
or black leather jackets
because what he went
gave him doggie
post traumatic stress
why would anyone put him to the test
probably for junkyard dog status

and so do you know what what i do now?
does anyone have a sure cure for
hate, abandonment and too many bad memories
love is the cure
i do believe
and yet and
we must do more
and reestablish
his sense of ok
with strangers who gave him
such a difficult time
maybe he will go to the doggie grave
Stephen King's Pet Semetary
never knowing the peace
that passeth all understanding
which is there today
for all to enjoy
saint or sinner
if the doggie believes
that he has a saviour
in the Lord of Heaven
well from me anyway
I'll see him there
hopefully not too soon!

Please pray and meditate for the animals they need love and understanding too. They do go to heaven and they do have feelings. Animals are our friends. Let's make their world a beautiful place, then ours will be too. Thank-you! jajo 13 Jun 09
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