Monday, June 22, 2009

Jane's Close Encounter of the Third Kind (well maybe..I had missing time)

themote: I'm still wondering what you think is kept secret

Me: i guess even NASA hoped for that

oh well i guess i did have a close encounter

but you wont believe me

you think i was just hallucinating from something bad

in was 1976

yes, known as YOUR bicentennial

themote: all I require is proof, just as any scientist does

witness accounts are unreliable and subjective

Me: that is why i think that but you know i dont care really why should i

ok i could and do use the 1,000 and one method of counting

i mean...i dont care if you believe me or not

why would i lie to you

themote: not a problem

Me: missing time even

themote: I believe you think you had an experience, no problem there

drunks miss time, still not proof

Me: like the day the earth stood still but hey can i quantify and qualify this teenage experience

i was looking at the sky

walking to a babysitting job

themote: what you believe is up to you, it just isn't proof of anything

Me: looking up from the sky

from the park

and i noticed 2 stars brighter than the rest that looked like headlights

and they got bigger

and then there was this huge form over my head over the park

it was black on black but i could make out the outline

the lights went around the ship

the magnetics made me feel like my brains were being sucked up into my head

that doesnt make sense

i mean

my brains were coming out the top of my head

and then i looked away and ran the heck out of there

and as i looked back into the sky behind me i saw an red explosion

i then felt like there was a wierd "the day the earth stood still feeling" or missing time, things were just coming back slowly to life in the dark and i didnt tell anyone except my old bj

he said i should have gone with them

nice eh?


Me: hahah!

not joking, serious!

themote: it is a very nice story

Me: yes but it isnt just a story to me

how can i prove that?

i dont know...

themote: sadly though, nothing to base a scientific explanation on

Me: just lets say, there is a lot more "out there" than what we can imagine

themote: you can't prove it, that's why it is useless from a scientific standpoint

Me: you want pudding?

themote: doesn't mean it didn't happen

just means it has no science value

Me: well...that was probably once in a blue moon occurence

themote: I've seen pink and blue elephants

Me: funny thing is i didnt feel that calm it was frightening

themote: the science behind it was muchotequila

Me: yes...

i agree i was only sweet 16 or so

i mean i wast an imbiber

themote: no, me

Me: oh...ok

i wonder if it was an EMP hallucination

there are those swamp gas theories of use texans

themote: swamp gas isn't a theory

methane clouds are fact

Me: it was your theory?

uh huh

themote: no, my elephants were caused by a quart of tequila, that's a FACT

Me: really, with the mescalito?

i read don juan

well i can see that

themote: methane clouds are common in some places and have been the source of many experiences

Me: really? like RADON gas?

themote: radon is an inert gas, it doesn't burn

methane burns

Me: ok

the ships had no noise...but it could be a prebirth experience?

one ship i meant

i guess i could go under hypno

the canadians were saying the earth releases, from time to time, electromagnetic energy bursts; is this true?

themote: the human mind has nearly unlimited potential to try and make sense of things we do not understand

Me: hey if i could figure out there magnetics and we could go to orion (really) well then, i guess my hallucination not a bad thing

themote: yea, it's called "lightning"

and sprites

and elves

Me: maybe...? i am irish

themote: many forms of EM on the planet

Me: background


themote: the aurora

Me: huh

yes...i have heard

themote: surely you've seen the auroras

causes by the interaction of the solar wind and the upper atmosphere

Me: i saw in wawa when hale bop and the asteroid potatoe visitation, and then SW coming thru that doorwa


i felt ohmaybe i shouldnt be here

i guess thats why i have agoraphobia now

themote: could be

Me: hey it could be simply i was cut off of oxygen at birth ..there that explains it

themote: Occam's Razor

Me: lets move on...and upwards!

whats that?

themote: 2 days 16 hours 59 minutes

Me: ok we need a NASA widget

lauch with the guy saying "T minus 2 days>>>etc

themote: T minus 37 Hours 40 Minutes 39 Seconds

remember there are built-in holds

Me: i love the NASA culture

it is so...part of who i some way...


you should see the offical countdown clock there

Me: ty

eND OF jANE'S DISCUSSION RE close encounter (not sure of the third kind as...I WAS MISSING TIME after all)...:)

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