Monday, June 8, 2009

L....Lilacs to Last

Lilacs tell lies
that I would die
and never know love
the kind I thought
would be mine
Lilacs forgot
to tell me romance
was a dream
that was killed by a machine
when I was being peter pan
and floating all around
the dream went pop
and reality stopped
me in my tracks
and romance died
and untimely death
with the sweet sickeningly
lovely sweet
smell of lilac breath
and you and me
were never to be
like romance was made to last

lilacs are beautiful
it is just that they are
too beautiful for me
I love romance
I would have made it last
but I couldnt hang on to it
or get the hang of it
or try the boho theme
for too long
before tripping over ankle skirts
and beau jangles
who got tangled up
in my ferns
free at last
romance couldnt last

Lilacs still bring it all back
that spring moment
of zesty showers
that are fast
and then I wait
to take a picture of lilacs
and they die in a day
that's why i now like marigolds
that bloom heartily all summer
but are not as rare
and as special
or dear
a love
as was known
that long ago time
when I was a lilac verse too
and you were so giving to me
when you thought i could bring you
out of the rot
but the romance in me
could only last a time
standard time
by sir sandford flemings home
his lilac bushes
never that heady at 30 odd years
but remembrance of france
and of those french moments of
passionate desiring the beauty in it all
lilacs dont lie
lilacs smell like hell


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