Monday, June 8, 2009

D....Dandylion to Jim Dandy

Dandylion Wine gums
Dandy Jim Dandy
Were's the wine gums
betwee your teeth
you remember me
dont you?
I'm the one
I thought you'd marry
but dont worry
i found somebody else
i closed the book on the
Jim Dandy Saga
at the Beach
remembering you now
you were a pompous ass
that's ok
dont worry
I found somebody new
nobody looked like you
but you looked like
the Ken doll that was suppose to marry me too
but didnt
Ken married that dang Barbie doll again
and me I just play that
Raggedy Doll Gig for life
or 25 to 6 24
i could use a 24 about now
where where you when
i gave you that mermaid doll made of 60's plastic
and it was a gift from my cousin
who got it from my unga bunga's shanty
and then gave it to me after much cajoleing
thanks lori
and then
you took that blue plastic mermaid that wiggled
that i got from lori
that lori got from unga bunga
that unga bunga found
stuck in his tuba
by some joker
hope you like the mermaid
i thought if i gave it to you
you would marry me Jim Dandy
maybe not
that's ok
I've found somebody new
not you
nobody looks like you
Jim Dandy!

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