Saturday, November 29, 2008

Training Bras

Knockers in training schools? Similar to wings
B52 AF training schools? See how culture effects most
everything else. Those were the days! Post-war Baby Boomers
or Boobers? PWBB another anachronism for dreams of future
grandeur and supremacy of matter?If you saw the odd shaped "to the moon" bras of the 50's (I
believe Madonna modelled these conical delights in the
80's)the ideal womanly form was set. A complete
understanding of the training bra mindset of those BWBB
recall the emphatic emphasis on the newly school plastic
arts and scientists. Plastic being the material of the 50's American dream. A
substance to be molded and shaped into anything you want,
any dream realized, validated and encouraged, plastic was
perfect. It would follow that the same embrace of the
plastic means would include the end-user or the human form
and all should follow suit. Let's start with the children,
brace them, perfect their crooked teeth, their mini peas
trained to encourage further ripening and future classic
Beauty of the Plastic means. It was an attempt to construct
a Tupperware (tm) world of ziplock bags and beehives, dixie
cups and Leave It To Beaver. This was the industrial
designer man's (Mad Men?) attempt to leave a particular
brand on the human experience. Yes, it is much more than
training bras on pimply teenage girls. The scope being
universal design to perfect man's world. Nothing is wrong
with that, just the designs were absurdly ugly and as we
look back now, humerous and absurd. Maybe these "madmen" designers went a tad too far to
preserve life with special chemical additives and magic
chemical formulaes wholly in a belief that the oil/chemical
manufacturers know what is good for us. Without question,
we bought in "hook, line and sinker". Remembering the motto
"better life through chemistry". Little did we know that
the "better life" would be all poison and additives,
pollution, etc, etc. Cyclomate in orange pop, Red dye
(literally)#3, Thalamine are rarely good for the body. We
are guinea pigs for the untested dreams, and we paid
horribillus consequences, in many more ways than one.Training bras may seem hopeful, but what were the
constructs of the bras-in-training? Silicone with PCB's?
Not to point fingers, as in Freddie Got Fingered, I believe
Sensa and other bra manufacturers today still make bras
with materials that may cause horrible diseases such as
breast cancer. But at least the models look good, right?
Rather than embrace our internal world of values such as
diplomacy, philantropy, social science, etc we were
materially bound by the often plastic Barbie(tm)doll world
idealogy of the jet-set constructs.The plastic surgeons of the day were the designers of the
New Anatomy. How much further from the supremacy of the
idealized human form, and how echoing the very thing the
BWBB rejected post WWII? Nazi Germany may not have had it's
3rd Reich, but it certainly did find a niche in the mind of
modern man, like it or lump it.Life perfected created a la "Valley of the Dolls" nightmare
utopia. The early silicone age, Silicone Valley, California
recreated new plastic life of the mind. Not too far from
the "boob" issue, mind can be new and improved through the
computer, a prophaltic mind that knows no bounds to memory
chips, made of silicon chips. Wow! Silicon and Plastic a
marriage made in the artificial world like the Matrix
trilogy. Silicon and Plastic the Modern Age's material of
choice, the miracles and industrial magic found. An
alchemist's dream!So the flesh must be also be trained and to "behave in the
way it should go". Another mantra echoed in mankinds dream
to go to the moon and back, figuratively and metaphorically
speaking. There was this new mystique of Science Fiction becoming
real. As a prepubescent teen when all things were "a whole
new world" out there with dreams and possibilities, it was
good and idealized, and became an obsession. Time would not
stop for this dream-train, it was quota bound at all costs.
We would make this dream real, we had power over matter, we
can control all things. Manifest destiny? Far too much. It
is a staging process. From pancakes to pleasured domes
decreed. Where did the individual fit into this scientific equation
of the perfect world? Move over insignificant unit, the
focus was on the masses as they would congeal into Major
Blob. The Blob another great 50's B movie, and so appropro,
the additives were making us fat and sick of being fat.
Another industry was born! The weight-loss industry,
halleluia. No wonder there are no cures for cancer yet, a
lot of people make money from this need to find a "cure".
Good luck! Back to the future; my great expectations got the short
shrift somewhat. In my opinion, Ann Landers, the training
bra saga was really over-rated propaganda. Let them grow in
the way they should go, naturally, please! Thank-you
Penelope Leach! Thank-goodness for the 70's back to earth
shoes. It was a start to regaining our moral intelligence!
Designers...back off! nov 29 o8 chiccoreal jj

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