Saturday, November 29, 2008

kick the can and skipper and ken

Is it just me> or is there angst everywhere> that bothersome ennui beast> relative to everything annoying> signifying nothing in the world> taking no prisoners> making no promises>> Confabulation!> Great groans of defeat> Echoes through the halls> of self-doubt> and rejection>> That ugly beast!> Get off my back> Take a hike> Jump off a bridge> Leave me alone!>> Where is the beast of bother> hiding today> what other slippery surfaced> dish or glass> will crash ominously on the floor> slow motion destruction> of deep seated fears>> what other shoe will drop> humpty dumpty sat on a wall> damn fence sitter>> what clumsy accident> will befall me today> I wait,> anticipate,> put on holding pattern> another disasterous day>> It was not always this way> Times were once> Skippy> and Ken> All was good> No bother, no mess, no fuss>>> now that i am so distracted> the cursed trickster ticks away> and turned away> the sun's face from mine> from life's basic course> a divergence from meaning> following no protocol> nothing at all>> Such an imperfect world> Always breaking down> Always falsely promising> New horizons> With gleaming cans> and cola filled dreams> past memories> unfilled> the way the world should be> isn't matching up today>> What is wretched in Denmark anyway?>> Something's not connecting> off-kilter> off-centre> put off-burdens> creeping in the backdoor> Angst awaits>> Hero: Wanted> To write all the wrongs> cross the t's> dot the i's> this time> it will be right> and ready for print>> Once glorious days> of The New Embarkment> We felt secure> In the powers around us> Now we are treading water> in an endless sea> no lifeboat in sight> only that dam> empty can> bobbing up and down> dancing and laughing> the light fantastic> in my fate>> so i kicked the can> the collapsing can> weakened aluminum shell> hollow like me> just as empty>> the trickle of life juices> left overs> refined sugar energy> depleted> spent fuel> solid rocket boosters> I need now>> False promises> led to> Renewed hopes> led to> Dashed hopes> led to...> the mess we're in now> get hold> the tiger by the tail> hold> that tiger> hold on big three> there will be> room in heaven> for rusted automobiles>> You Will Be Big> again>> Ennui will take the place> of confidence> in the marketplace for now> as we wait in great anticipation> of the next wave> The Great Enbarkment Four> to smash the can> into the breaker wall> Factories overfilled> to maximum capacity> no limits> to mass production>> Dead thriller> sweet nothings> in my ear> when will i hear> it is time to invent again>> before i waste> another can> kicked with fervent> ferocity> down the never ending primrose lane> as dead as a doornail> pain and bother> are under my skin> causing a rash> that can never be relieved> ennui and angst> a frustrated>> How can> that once glorious can> of promise> kicked down the road> to nowhere> hold itself up> as consumer friendly gold> in the recycle bin?>> how can> that rotted leaf> turn green again>> Cannot wait> for spring> Cannot wait> for another year> Cannot wait> For Time to Stop> Perfecting itself> Along molecules decay>> Why am I pretending> You sense this too> all these things> are changing> are rearranging> the world>> What bothers me> must bother you too> something is always> challenging us to be more> than what we are today> and today we are not the same> as we were a moment ago>> life changes us> yet we are the same dick and jane's> life will> refine us> make us stronger> or kill us dead>> we decide which is right> and which is the illusion>>> Why is then that I just feel> Like screaming> Throwing up my arms> Give up>> Angst and Ennui> caused by Deluded Illusion> of Truth> as history repeats> the same mistakes>> Life's refining process> is hard on the nerves>> gibj nov 12, 2008>nov 28-08 remake for chiccoreal

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