Saturday, November 29, 2008


Words have a way to randomly generate thoughts> feelings...logic> motivate...stagnate> create...destroy>> Words have a way of being and not being> on their own..with other words> standing free and clear...standing together convulted> of me and my...of you and yours> understanding...misunderstand> of the universe...of nothingness>> Random Words> Here goes> From the top of my head> As random as I can get> For personally> I have struggled> to get on that logic train> to be accepted for that sameness> because I want to be like you>> close my eyes now> see a word> what is it> no word> i see a mayan face> i see one of those huge heads in the sand>> then randomly that visual thought disappears> at that thought> or sound of the background> tv commercial> makes me skip out on my visions>>> and then again i think about you> and what you said> randomness is inclusive> we are more random than methodical> mythology excluded today> i threw it away> to generate> this compatiblity> for that ability> to get along> with you here> and over there> something can be said> for understanding> the misunderstood> Miss Fit>> gibj oct 19 2008>repost nov 29 08 chiccoreal

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