Saturday, November 29, 2008

ombroso the dragon

That is a brilliant observation, like the ombroso or dragon eatingtail in the kundalini art of yoga mystics. What creativity is ineating one's tail or digested internally or an analogy to the hungerfor knowledge. What creative work is coming from self-absorbedknowledge for knowledge sake? Without a specific goal, or quest, allknowledge is lost in the process. Knowledge is as good as GIGO(garbage in, garbage out). Knowledge must focus on a purpose for itspursuit, or a quest manifest. Then everything will be right with theworld. I am all for the Ivory Tower, if the Ivory Tower is open andinclusive, rather than a staid place for academics hiding from thereal world.. I am glad you taught me this today. I shall use itwisely! gibj repost nov 29 08 chiccoreal

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