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The Crash

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"CRASH". The sound cut through the air like a knife as the plymouth
duster hit the telephone

pole. For three blocks the sound of metal folding upon itself could
be heard. He knew he took

the curve just a little too sharply as the vehicle spun out of
control and hit the pole. Not

driving for very long, maybe a year, Sammy did not figure out his
excessive speed made him loose his

bearings. His inexperience behind the wheel may be the reason he hit
the pole, or maybe bad


Luckily, both Sammy and Steve were going to be ok. They got out of
the mangled

car and accessed the damage. It was a right-off, nothing was left of
the car except Sammy and

Steve's seats. It was no time to talk as the damp humid air hung
thickly around their necks.

Without the getaway car the two fugitives knew it would difficult on
foot. This was their only

chance. Shaken after the crash, Sammy and Steve hobbled out of the
car and started running away

as best as they could. They went in the opposite direction as the
sirens that were fastly

approaching the accident scene. They both knew the police would get
there first. What about

the money in the trunk? Sammy went back to the accident scene and
pried open the trunk to get

two duffle bags. They were loaded with cash and jewels totalling
quite a hefty sum of money.

The two did not have much time to count the money, as the sounds of
sirens could be heard

getting closer and closer. Sammy and Steve's footsteps could be heard
clearly running away from

the sound of the sirens. In the inky darkness of the night it would
not be long before they fit

into the background with their black clothing.

The siren noise died down and Sammy and Steve breathed a deep breathe
of relief. So far, they

got away, but for how long? They knew if they did not leave the
county line soon, they would

get caught. There would be roadblocks everywhere. There only hope
was to cross the

creek river into the next county, and hopefully, freedom. The only
problem, the river was very

wide and Steve was not a good swimmer, also, how would they float the
money across? It would be

a difficult swim and too heavy to carry. Steve had an idea to take a
few floating logs to hang

onto, and put the duffle bags on top of the logs as not to get wet.
Why did they not think of

buying waterproof bags? They did not have time to think through all
the problems they were

facing, and they grabbed the logs and fell into the water. It was
going to be a cold and long

swim, maybe a twenty minute crossing. This was their last chance to
get away with the crime of

their lives Steve kept telling himself. It would be smooth sailing
after this night, with loads

of cash to make all his friends happy. Sammy and Steve had to keep
focused on the victory

dance, as right now was not a picnic.

Dean Hunter was shaving at the mirror as usual. It would be another
humid day as the sun was

a round red ball of heat at six o'clock a.m. How long would it take
him to arrest those two?

Hunter went through all the fact sheets on Stevie and Sammy and still
came up short. Hunter

knew their patterns. There had been robberies before, in fact four
in the last two months. The

rash of crimes had to stop. Hunter knew he would put an end to Sammy
and Steve's crime spree.

When the police arrived at the crash they could not believe how bad
the damage to the vehicle.

Nobody could have survived this! Yet there were no bodies, so the
suspects got away. Which way

did they go? The forensic team was called out to dust for prints and
to look for any clues

that would lead them to the bank robbers. It may be a long night
though Dean Hunter.

Sammy and Steve woke up on the other side of the creek river. They
made it! But just barely.

Steve took the wet duffle bags out of the underbrush and rifled
through the cash and jewels.

Everything was still there! Wet, but still there! He jumped for joy
grabbing Sammy and hugging

him. It would be another long day of trying to find new clothes and
a new hair style and fit

back into the crowd. Sammy and Steve were headed to another city,
and another bank robbery.

Dean Hunter knew they did not have time to chase on foot the
suspects. He wired the next towns

to alert them to the wanted men. Hopefully they would pick up on
something, and the two would

be behind bars by sundown. Hunter was not so sure if he could catch
these two low lifes as they

had always escaped detection. Hunter nicknamed them the "snakes", as
they slithered and could

pop up somewhere else to continue their crime spree. Hunter had an
idea, a good idea this time!

If they were like snakes he could bait them into a snake trap, and he
would have solved the

crime of the area. He would also, possibly, get a pay raise. Hunter
laid out his plans before

his fellow officers. He would send out a tactical team around all
the banks. They would be in

hidden positions, under trees, in camoflauge, anything. He would send
out rumours that there

would be a museum display of a world famous diamond, the hope diamond
as a matter of fact. Of

course the diamond would be a fake and then they would capture the
two snakes in the snake pit.

Fitting nicely into the background of Creek City, Sammy and Steve
were up to their usual tricks.
They were planning out their next robbery. The Midland First Bank on
the corner of Vine and

Oak. It looked like a winner. Steve and Sammy plotted their
robbery. This was going to be

smooth. Suddenly, listening to the radio Sammy heard a advertisement
for the museum's display

of the Hope diamond at Smithtown. Sammy ran into the livingroom of
the flop house and

told Steve of the robbery of the Hope diamond would be their biggest
robbery yet and they

would go down in history and they would be heroes in the criminal
circles. Steve the mastermind

of all their plots decided this would be the finest robbery ever.
Other criminals heard the

same advertisment on the radio and decided to try their hand at it
too. Pretty soon hundreds

of criminals were holed up around the outskirts of Smithtown. Maybe
Dean Hunter had better

find a pretty big snake pit! GIBJ 3 Aug 08

Sun Aug 3, 2008 3:00 pm

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"CRASH". The sound cut through the air like a knife as the plymouth duster hit the telephone pole. For three blocks the sound of metal folding upon itself... goddessinbluejeans
Aug 3, 2008
7:56 pm
Hi! I enjoyed reading your exceprt. I especially liked the way you slowly unfolded the dramma alyer by layer. The car crash, inexpereinced robbers running from... shanitaswaters
Aug 6, 2008
8:15 pm

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