Sunday, November 30, 2008


Rod: Gosh I love this poem! It evokes in me so many spacial mysteries and endless rants of a flat versus multi-dimensional, micro versus macro Universe Y-niverse? Black hole versus red Giants, with the ensuingly powerful white dwarf stars, always binary, always reflecting back the mirror of our soul. The mote in God's eye is huge but not unfathomable in scope to our understanding of all the celestial anthologies in between; or as the National Geographic people say; The world and all that is in it, within it and without it. We could not do without it, so that does not make much sense either!
The ring of diamonds? Is this the sun reflecting from the earth's atmosphere creating a diamond to die for? And what about the ring in the earth? The ring of fire? What about the LOTR's? What is with that huge eye anyway?Is that a reference to God's eye (doesnt God have two eyes, we are in His likeness? Why are we split in two, the dna change, the ancient mitochondria dna. Where did that come from? Why are celestial objects so perfectly spherical? Why would Einstein be able to draw a perfect circle? Did the Jesuits teach him that once drawn it is difficult to know where the beginning starts or the end ends? Alpha and Omega by circle description. A circle route around the Great Lakes. Oh how I would love to discover Green Door Wisconsin! Why? There are too many deers crossing the highway to a land I will never see, unless in my dreams, perchance...
And of course the moon. I have always thought that the moon has a horror expession since it appears to have an open mouth shock and awe look about it. As if it has seen something horribly shocking. What could that have been? Buzz Aldrin stated that the moon smelled of sulphur, like matchsticks when extinguished.
Where exactly is the place where the fireball moon escaped from the still-forming earth countless millenia ago? And the visitors slipping in and out of time the day the earth stood still. But the earth moved too, and sometimes it shakes. But not always consistently. Sometimes it shakes like a carpet being shaken by a sultan. Othertimes the earth is shaken like a prospector's gold nugget-finding pan. When the earth quakes there are odd sounds emaniating from the bowels of the earth. Horrible grating sounds like transport trucks speeding up my long driveway. Or collapsing sounds like terraced caves underneath our feet giving way to a domino effect collisions of granite and limestone. Our earth, our mother needs tending and understanding.
We are overheating from the UV rays, cosmic rays and greenhouse fossil fuel. Even though I love the heat we could flash freeze in the same moment and never understand that we did not see that one coming. We want to find the truth, yet it always eludes us. And then all of a sudden in an instant we are totally cosmically conscious and one with the Universe. Or multiverse or is it a fan-like array of very little light versus huge amounts of so called space. Space could be denser than matter. Go figure!
Peculiar synchronicities which happen to me every day. The glitches that do not make logical sense. How I want to make sense of it all but it slips like that diamond ring from my fingers never to hold onto forever. Unless there is something in me that really is eternal and cannot die or ever lie. This I know to be true. There is a constant in the Universe. Touch it if you can, it is your touchstone to where you are now. You are here.
I wish upon a star that I could sedate the frightened moon. And make all fear go away, once and for all, for all! The moon would give us not only that lovely blue tonality at times cold light is errie and produces in me an intensely lonely feeling, like I am the last person alive. Could be those 50's sci-fi movies like the Day the Earth Stood Still which gave me my first feeling of that transpo machine called missing time. Not that I will ever miss time. Time defines us far too much! We need to say to time; you will not make us old, you will not grey our hair, you will not condemn us to die, but you do! Time is an enemy, yet it doesn't exist! The moon's opened mouth shocked expression of the moon today would be erased and replaced with that dear, sweet angelic, peaceful archiac smile of the young ancient Greek Kourris boy. Fear replaced with a knowing Mona Lisa smile. How Renaissance the man for all seasons. Centre Stage - The Moon!
Another history lesson to follow across the endless miles of space and time which do not really exist. When does it stop getting so confusing? When will it all of a sudden makes complete sense? I do not mean these contemptible brief epithanies either! Truth at Long Last! That's what we all need! And more mysteries revealed for the Last Time!GIBJ 1 Aug 08 -- In, albiaicehouse wrote:

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