Sunday, November 30, 2008

sex talk (tame)

Dear Jan: Sex sells. But that is not the only thing for most people
interested in sex scenes of novels (i still remember page 73 of The
Godfather by Mario Puzo) The public, or people in general want
intimacy, beg for it. I have never heard bunnies screaming in ectasy.
Maybe the screams of pleasured bunnies are in the sonic wave length
beyond human range. Or maybe we haven't study that kinky Kinsey sex
survey enough either! Yes, people are starving for the intimate
connection with one another so missing in our less than honest world
I do believe people want a sense of belonging to a community and the
sex scenes in novels could relieve this want. Today there is huge
success with Harry Potter and other books in that vein. Why? These
books allow the reader, many lonely readers, the chance to have a
sense of belonging. It is similar to joining a country club or
religious organization. Cash in on this trend today!
Another trend of sex in the novel? A bit of voyeurism in all of us?
There is that nascent imbibing of the tactile found so fervently in
the decriptive word. The sensual pleasures of the written word can
be "better than sex" and stimulate the mind in ways the body cannot.
The body/mind interaction is intregally entwined like lover's legs
and combines the best interactions to take to those higher planes of
If sex is just about being a biochemical release it is a release of
the biochemical and the need to feel another's soul and once again
regenerate the creative life process and reboot the body, mind and
spirit. Although bunnies do not appear to be that complicated they
may be trying to conjoin souls as lovers do. Humans tend to over-
analyze the event!GIBJ --- In MotivatedWritersLif e@yahoogroups. com,
Jan Whitaker wrote:
> At 10:31 PM 3/08/2008, you wrote:
> >Toni McGee Causey has posted a great summary of our
> >conclusions/ thoughts on Murderati today, so if you struggle with
> >writing sex scenes (how much, how often, which words, etc) check
it out:
> >http://murderati. murderati/ 2008/08/sex- action-conf. html
> Good post, CJ. She must have just put it up -- no comments yet. Or
> else everyone is too shy!
> Jan

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