Sunday, November 30, 2008

sexism and the media

any sexist commercials on tv

best buy...girls watching a movie with a woman 4 star general. the guys switch the channel so the guy make fun of the women

chev commercial where the man calls the woman a hussy. very bad for women's image of self

selfimage bad casino niagara (fallsview) commercial of woman with a mole. very bad self image for woman both the woman staring and the woman being stared at. also comments on holding a pair of queens. sexist.


  1. Recently there is a new sexist commercial from Country Style. There is a guy asking for 30 mins with a hot babe. The "babe" (pro) head falls off and she turns into a robot. I wonder if this head chop chop has anything to do with the other mint commercial where the guy in a taxi ate a mint he turned blue from freezing and HIS HEAD fell off. Dont forget this commercial came out at the same time all of the Al Qaeda beheadings which I thought was odd and synchronistic. (should be in syncro file as well)

  2. ETOWME an anachronym meaning ETHICAL TREATMENT OF WOMEN EVERYWHERE was started by me a year and a half ago (at least). I used this group to warn various companies, production companies, tv programmers, CRTC the huge problem with negative protrayl of women in commericals. Mainly joking, these commericals are not a joke. We also notice that there is also negative pychological advertising towards the disabled, which has also been addressed. A MADD commerical showing a disable man in a wheelchair being left by his gf, his gf now dating his best friend. Anyway, I noticed this and told them the negative connotations to this promotion. It showed that disabled were not "good" enough to keep a girl. It was pulled after ETOWME complaint!