Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mr. Beaky's Beak

Mr. Beaky's Beak

Mr. Beaky was a very large bird

a Bald Eagle from British Columbia

Who loved to fly it had been heard

He would write his name Beaky as a word

high in the clear blue Sky

Above the mountains, streams and dales

So all would know he could do so much more than fly

He could write words which was quite a tale

Although he much prefered to sleep at night, oh my!

One day he had quite a fright!

He lost his beak and he could not find it

Now he did not feel he looked quite right

So Mr. Beaky asked all around

Have you seen my beak?

He asked all over town

The beak was more than just a nose

Mr. Beaky needed his beak to eat!

Now what would he do? Eat with his toes?

Of what you may call a nose, but I call it a beak

Please find my beak because now I cannot eat

All around town no one knew what happened to

Mr. Beaky's Beak!

Perhaps it was due to the fact that Mr. Beaky

was flying so high writing his name in the sky

above British Columbia's, Mount Elbert

That he didnt pay attention to the mountain

when it came too near

He crashed into the rock but did not notice

That his beak was still there in the middle of the rock!

High in the mountainous hills of British Columbia!

Mr. Beaky only found out that he really did need his beak

To crack open the nuts he found in the tree

High above the mountains of British Columbia!

One spring day, a very tall rock climber named Steve

luckily found Mr. Beaky's Beak

While climbing Mount Elbert the tallest mountain in

southern British Columbia

Oh I know who owns this beak exclaimed Steve the very tall

rock climber

It is Mr. Beaky's Beak high on the Peak

Thank goodness it was there because I needed a lift

to the peak of MOunt Elbert!

Mr. Beaky's Beak helped me

Reach the Peak but now I need to give it back to Mr. Beaky

Because he needs his beak to eat food and to look like Mr.

Beaky the Bald Eagle of British Columbia!

When Steve found Mr. Beaky high in his nest

He helped to attach the long lost beak

Which made one bald eagle so happy

He renamed Mount Elbert Mount Steve!

Steve was happy too and Mr. Beaky

Wrote another word that day

Can you guess which word?

You are right, Mr. Beaky wrote the word Steve

Because Steve gave Mr. Beaky back his beak

and now he could reach the HIGHEST peak of the newLY

renamed Mount Steve.

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