Sunday, November 30, 2008

id discussions

dear michele; it was really nice chatting with you and today i believe i would like to continue the conversation about...self fufilling prophesy. Yes, if a person has a negative attitude that attitude comes from somewhere, and what else can it this odd behaviour, attitude or acting be and where does it come from? The id desires to right wrong and is very objective. I call it the God-eye, or if i were speaking to my Jewish friends "the G-d's eye".

The id is the all powerful being within us! Just asl ive breathe and go about our daily conscious lives the id, the subconscious is aware of all that is going on in the outside world and the inside world. The id wants to usurp, or take over and control the three layers of consciousness. This is why i feel hypnosis is good for id related problems or angst, which may be rooted in free floating anxiety. The id as the subconscious delves into the unknown or subconsious irealm of the id. This realm is somewhat like a salvadore dali painting, very surreal, and odd to us. Because the id, for the most part, in most humans, is repressed, it is not often acting out or crying to be recognized.

When a person has deep rooted or complicated psychological problems, these problems stem from unresolved emotional issues or tramas which have been stored away, making the only one interested in the problem, the id. if the id is in fact an entity unto it's self has yet to be proved. some believe the id to be the God part of the brain. Wierd isn't it. But life is wierd too! So to clear ones mind and to begin functioning unobstructed by the id's need to right the wrongs of the past, the id must be talked to by logically giving the id the necessary reasons for the illogical abuse of the subject for example.

In this subconcious therapy, the therapist is able to reestablish the connectedness between the three layers of consciousness (the id, ego and super ego). A therapist must examine the motivations and other particulars, if there are subtle personality changes in the primary personality. To change this new behaviour is not easy. Probably the personality has been altered by traumatic events in the past. These traumatic life events can seriously effect a person being able to deal with real life situations. Sometimes life coaches can work through the "shit" left behind from past abuses of the individual, or perceived abuses, sometimes not

.. It is my contention that Primal Therapy does the best to bring the three levels of consciousness into a balanced state. This is a good point of reference. However, Primal Therapy is only to be taught by those skilled by persons aware of the dangers associated with opening up the old wounds of the past. Persons have been known to commit suicide because the opened id is too painful for the conscious mind to deal with. Without Primal Therapy training by the Arthur Janov foundation, the patient would be subjected to further trauma, and without capping the id the person could act out worse than ever and the episodes of psychosis could increase to serious levels.

Most people are not aware of this, and do not understand how the mind functions. It is necessary to approach the real issue of id suppression and heal the primary source of psychosis. Otherwise most therapies scratch the surface only and do not work. I mentioned hypnotherapy. Again, one must be adequately trained in the three levels of consciousness before attempting to practice hypnotherapy or they could be doing more harm than good to the patient.

The whole person must be integrated and dealt with. When one wants to change a destiny as we were discussing, but cannot, this is due to the fact that subconsious drives are over-riding the basic conscious will and the only remedy is psychotherapy, hypnotherapy or regression therapy or maybe behavioural. However, i think getting at the root id need is imperative. It is the id acting out when odd behaviour is noticed in a patient. It is the mind's way of saying, "pay attention to these repressed needs, because I wont stop acting out until I feel satisfied that this problem(s) issue is resolved!" The id is wierd in itself and as to what the id actually is. To me the id is the unconscious mind or the "mind's eye" a primitive feature in man. something akin to the reptilian brain or God's eye. The id always seems to correct illogical situations, as if we are all on a path and we must not stray from the predestiny. Alpha and Omega are already here. That is the id's job, to keep humanity on the right course! The id could be like Jungian Collective Unconscious and we all possess the same brain. Scary thought, eh? lol, mapa loves you...stay in touch ..more to follow chat soon!
How was work? How much are the Art Books??? lol, mapa xox we will call you at a decent hour from now on!!! lol, mapa xox

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