Saturday, November 29, 2008

Humble Beginnings From The Soul of Desire

When I begin
To work on a work
a piece of my soul to reveal
I want to get my hands in there
to stamp fingerprints
onto the wet clay
setting the ink-like paint
onto the visual cortex
of your mind reader

An ancient desire
this need to create
a feeling that my fleeting
wont last to discover
latent truths
lurking there
A key to the universe unfolding
A lamp to light the way

Like folding laundry
a common theme is needed
when understanding the written word
The Universe is
unfolding as it should, which is, a good thing

Where word worlds live natural rythms abound
the sound of cacophony and sweet surrender
waves crashing upon long lost souls
inspiration, muses light the way
clearing the day
for much more to follow
once the flotsam and jetsam
return to the sea

or cleaning up
the mess of life

my work is not complete
without that connection to the inner me
the yearning me
the me I want to be
besides myself
with need

I want to give to you
a piece of that creative self
and swap some ideas
back and forth
make something from nothing
like perogies or stone soup

Linking the masses to a common core
a good feeling
to share life's lessons along the way
An experience of John Boy Walton
Thanks Earl Hamner of Virginia
The Writer Writes
A teller of a tales
Writers' Craft
Literary Wonders of Futures Unfold

waiting to be told
by the winds of time
and change
if you have any to spare
that would be nice
for this starving goddess

The music rings again
clearly in my right ear
and not the phone
which removes me too often
from my core

A distinct "ping" I will hear
in my right ear
something somewhere out there
then i know
I am in the writer's zone

Humble Beginnings
When I first start to strike
the letters of words
across the face
of the enabler keyboard

It may be something common
which makes me curious today
or something esoteric
in the perfumed air

This key unlocks the door
to my boarded up brain
hopefully a hurricane is coming
but I doubt it will be that big
an idea
maybe just a spark
from the page
to ignite
the reader's imagination
from this listless

When known for sure
and onto the right thing
listening to the inner ear
Put to bed
The other
less than aesthetic self

Awaken to a dream
A world beyond the horizon
other possibilities
of futures, past and present
Actions unfold
Characters live life for me
on the outer edges
and within
the constructs of self
a reconstruction of life

gibj 0ct 16 2008

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