Saturday, November 29, 2008

Daughters of the Confederacy poem

Suzi: An Ode to Susan - I hope you like this!

To the Brave Women, Daughters of Confederacy: The Legacy Continues

As Betsy Ross a simple flag did sew
To remind the soldiers whence
Of that dawn's early light
coming so suddenly hence

The banner did fly high, against a hellish night sky
Colours tried and true
The flapping of wings the flag did sound
Keeping the soldiers thoughts focused on the ground

Soon revelling cries could be heard
Halleuia sung sweet and low from choirs afar
resounded echoes of heaven all 'round
Opening the celestial door; the flag was still there

An angel did stand by the battlement that eve
Only to find a tear and much grief
She held up the flag
Soldiers gathered 'round
Freedom knows no bound
like Old Glory

The Women of the Confederacy
Are the Angel of the Field
Keeping the homefires burning and today it is still
For soldiers returning could of their wounds heal
Love is the gift, the flag's glory bound
Freedom is the treasured world
The Daughters Of Confederacy
We all hold so dear

gibj 10 08 08

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