Saturday, November 29, 2008

George Seurat sur la Grande Jette-ISON

Georges Seurat sur la Grande Jette-ISON

Amid the calm and the blurredinfinity pointlines vanishTime makes no referenceSeurat makes no apologiesPost impressionist of pointilist originsThe artists dib dib dib dibs his wayinto art historyleaving an impressionon the world of arthe left behindIn Seurat's worldlife was intimatelife was bucoliclife was evolvingever changingever rearrangingto beome the Modern AgeWhere is the artist in the painting?Where is Seurat?He is to be foundHe has riseninto another dimensionnot unlike this one here and nowone degree past the arrayof overlapping time and spaceUltra modern futurismthe artist paints propheticallyautomaticallyto realizethe dream visionsand hopesof yet to comegibj nov 12, 2008 REPOST NOV 29 08 for chiccoreal

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