Friday, November 28, 2008

That was quite a night last night! The news is plastered with the Mumbai terrorist news images. One question; how does the high tech world of today that can scan a dime from space have a problem with security of this magnitude. It is beyond me to conceive this was not somehow "allowed" by those in the know. Come on, do you really think a boat full of terrorists from Somalia could land upon the high tech shores of India without anyone noticing? What we have is not only a failure to communicate but a failure to assimilate intelligence gathering if this is indeed the case. My opinion; the wheel of the NWO (New World Order) are in motion and we are watching the spikes on this machine needlessly torture innocent lives. We really have to say "Who has been bought-0ff or terrorized in high places to allow these preventable heinous acts from taking place in the first place? Security as you know, has been tighter than tom thumbs nether regions for much longer than any one of us would care to admit. Sit back and watch the very real horror unfolding like clockwork orange. cr

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