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Merlin and the Curse of the Ocean Deep

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It was the Night of All Hallows Eve. Merlin's conjuring rights were
ebbing or more likely waning in this year of the Deep Ocean. Regular
Hallow's Eve phenomena would wait. The moon's cold blue hue had a
chilling and penetrating effect on Merlin's hazel eyes, changing them
to a place never travelled. With the change in the socerer's power,
For the first time Merlin's human fraility could be seen in the
graying skin around his temples and the deep wrinkles in his forehead
once smooth and eternal. Once the epigee of unknown perimeters
Merlin's power were now transfixed in space, limited by the cast of
the Sirian sun. This stagnant burden created by the weighty ocean
bothered the magician and he was found to possess much unwelcomed
emotionality, a trait very unlike Merlin's usual demeanor. Soon, all
doubt would be removed from Merlin's mind; who would be the victor
and who would be the conquered? Merlin did know the outcome being an
ancient master of prophetic wisdom. There would be some difficult
times if all pieces did not magically arrange themselves in any
formulative manner. Merlin would be keep very busy trying to save the
imperilled world once more.
Merlin for the first time in his multiple dimensional reality between
existentia and non-existentia could not find the magic potion to save
his soul. Not in this time of the Deep Ocean. This dreaded time of
power retrograde showed that Merlin, who was otherworldly also
possessed a string of human lineage. Merlin's long lost lineage could
be traced along matrilineal lines. His great grandmother once lived
in Endor with the tribe of Donegal. There the powers of the other
worldly were transcribed, and the Merlin dna became etched with the
other worldly crystaline gene.
Even though Merlin had groundings and a place in this world, his
eyes were often focused on worlds beneath and above the earthly
plain. In these worlds, Merlin was free to be the socerer/entity he
had always known. Powerful evocation of world's to come, how could
mere humans know of such powers? Since the loss of Merlin's conjuring
powers,timedid not effect the mighty wizard. He did not experience
getting old, or feeling any older than 23. Eternal youth made Merlin
the target of other wizards wrath and mimicry. These psuedo -wizards
who prematurely aged and grew long white hair and dawned colourful
capes of shining glory were typical of many socerer's portraits but
not the image of Merlin. Merlin looked similar to Apollo, curly
flaxen haired with perfect skin, colour changing eyes that penetrated
worlds to come.
This time of year when powers were strong and easily obtained, Merlin
would ever-so-lightly touch the crystal cairn with wrist over hand,
turning with palms out. The willow tree branch used now as a cane for
balance rather than it usual designation as a wand. The cauldron
fires extinguished since the last debaucle of Merlin's less than
stellar conjuring skills. Now Merlin's diminishing powers were
ransomed by nature's own design, a design only understood by the
Soltec socerers.
The key to the two worlds successful and harmonious succession was at
hand. Merlin held that key, or at least, knew who played the key
roles to solve this dilema of the millenia. The world and the other
worlds were once again in a most precarious position indeed. It would
take all the sorcerer's conjuring and intellectual wizardry to retain
the world's powerful rings of crystal, cairn-shaped ocean depths of
knowledge and power.
At the best of times, a very difficult feat to command these worldly
powers. Without Merlin finding the Sourcees in the deep Leeds waters,
all would be lost. Merlin and The Knights of the Round Table were
facing an uncertain future and most certain death. Merlin needed to
find the wizard behind the Curse of the Ocean Depths before he could
save his life and the lives of the Camelot court.
Since this aberrant mote first appeared on the face of Sirius' twin
stars, the earth plunged into the other Realm of the Unknown Worlds.
Only once in a millenia could a sorcerer find powers evasive enough
to cast such a shadow on the astrological charts. Much mayhem would
eventually ensue. Wars, the usual outcome of these elusive times.
Only the ancient scrolls translated from the Sourcee's dead language
would revoke this curse. Yet the scrolls were cast into deep ocean
wells where the Lord of the Dead held court. At Leeds river's
estuary The Lord of the Dead held auspicious powers over the world.
Merlin knew this creature well and there are earlier accounts of the
two crossing paths. Yet the Lord of the Dead was not easily animated
from the 5 fathoms deep river bed of the dead during this time of the
Deep Ocean curse.
The Soltecs curse had incurred eons ago and had once been removed.
The curse returned with a vengence. The Lord of the Dead did not
easily give up his powers. The Soltecs knew this and therefore knew
how to fool the Lord of the Dead's channellers. The dead language of
the Soltecs would be key to opening the realm to enter the Land of
the Dead under the Deep Ocean at Leeds.
This transmutable tetrahegonal and dead language of the Soltecs once
evoked would not lay dormant for long. Merlin needed to not only find
the Lord of the Dead's channeller, a beautiful woman named Circe, who
charmed the Snake gods into submission but also the ancient mamouth
papyrus scrolls.
This once ancient and now deadly curse of the Lord of the Dead was
screamed into existence by those ancestral Soltecs, all apparently
drown from the Last Curse of the Deep Ocean. The Lord of the Dead had
won that round from the Soltecs. Yet these two opposing forces had
merged and transmuted into one curse, forever echoing along the River
of the Land of Leeds.Merlin knew the severity of the curse and the
need to find the two sources of their occult power. Would all the
world drown again. Not if Merlin could help it!
The discovery by Merlin of the heiroglyphic tableta stones by the
River Leeds had been generations ago. Merlin did not know the
complete story of their existence. Must history was lost, an ocean as
deep as the Deep Ocean. These scrolls were made of soft papyrus and
wormwood and prone to decay. They must be deciphered, read and cried
out in the same piercing tone to attone the Lord of the Dead's curse.
It would require Circe's musical talent here. Now Merlin needed more
time and a few gold coins to find the Soltec energy cairn and the
beautiful Circe.
Merlin knew there would be no further attempts to secure the
Arthurian courts supremacy over the Soltecs. Could Arthurian power be
restored and the world saved from drowning?
The high court of Endore were meeting at the Tower Gate without the
request of Merlin's all encompassing presence. An ivory spire of
ancient times, the Tower Gates, stood in neglected ruins. This once-
powerful monument to the past had once held the greatest known wealth
of power than any other place on earth.
Those learned leaders began deliberating on a matter with much
consequence. Many could sense there world unravelling. "Merlin!" "It
is always about Merlin!" begrudgingly commented Ashdoore the Exalted
scribe. "It is all about Merlin because Merlin holds the key to the
lamp" exclaimed Lancelot, the knight in once shining armour. "My
powers have faded to some degree, but I do not believe Merlin is
responsible for the change in the Seeing Crystal." Ashdoore turned
from Lancelot abruptly his high priest robes swishing habitually
over the cold granite floors of the ruin. Piercing the cold night
air, a heart-wrenching sound of tortured souls released from beneath
the altar of the slained saints. The wretched owl-like screetches
originated from the Hidden Worlds of shattered souls. The souls would
not rest on this night which cojoined the living and the dead.
Much discussion had focused on whether or not Merlin deserved a third
chance. The High Court of Endore had to meet in the secret place to
avoid the attention of Merlin and his many minions. The question on
the table would remove all doubt as to what the future would hold for
all those steeped in the Art of Conjuring. Merlin was unaware of the
secret place. He was too busy securing future realms to bother with
such trivia begot by mere mortals.Merlin was learning the importance
of human knowledge.
As to whether or not to allow Merlin to conjure at all, the Arthurian
Court was in much debate. After the last alchemic reactionary
fiasco, those who held the septre sway of power position in Court
were seriously doubting Merlin's once powerful reign. Often frought
with angry displays of power plays, the court jesters humoured
Merlin. Merlin would be scene hovering on his willow branch, embossed
with fanciful gargoyles and magical flowers, puffing away on his
whaletooth's pipe, white/blue clouds of powerfully remedying and
sleep-inducing herbs quelling the often rambunctious court. Many
remember the pleasant scent of Merlin's pipe. It was unforgettable.
Part II to follow...jk jones

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