Monday, January 25, 2010


Backswards speak
spoken slowly walking forwards
towards the dawn of a new day
when we magnetically switch back
gamma inversed
when kids digress
or you were born on a rotten day
when in may
things took a twist

play the record on reverse
listening to id
di ot
makes more sense
than mumbles'
lack of speech

immi ent ten immi
fort trof fort trof
door rood door rood
make ekam
pie eip
green neerg
one eno
club bulc
rice ecir
oven nevo
our ruo
feel leef
cold dloc
clock kcolc
may yam
easy ysae
free eerf
we ew
it ti
all lla
your ruoy
with htiw

do we learn what we can say backwards
as another language maybe
as other magnetically opposed places
may look so odd ddo as to be eb
so all are going forward as the
mind searches for the languages
connected synapes to the consciousness
as going forth and going htrof
are not ton going gniog to make
sense unless
using those machines that can
listen to mumbles
like babies
and old peeps with altzheimers
can work krow
to make sense of mumbles selbmum
when stalled or stopped
listen to what
is said
when the sun or earth or universe


jj 25 01 10

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