Thursday, January 21, 2010

Par Excellence Bar None

As we'd all like to admit
the admin has not given
to foolish sinners
or lazy lovers
or silly sally's
and half-baked
balers and balkers

Testament to the proven fact
all fall short
even after
the new high heeled
let o's
let go's
let live
(dance little shoes dance)
or finding solace under
a new leaf

fallen angels
call out for enoche
who may be hiding
in stealth mode
to pounce
and take back
all memory of
time spent together
well spent
like that dollar bill
hold onto it
as things
slip from clammy fingers
like roses round bowers
grow weary from slime mold
as each day getting old
leave such sickening smells
after awhile
to die for

Give me some of that glory
old glory
for a moment or a day
so I can make hay
which has already been spent
at Dollar Bill's
which use to be
Uncle Sam's
nothin' like
the yankee dollar
(triple your investment here)

If I had her golden form
that fleece
who made way
on Icarus' wings
flew too close
only 6 degrees away
from what I knew
came to be
someone messed with my life
cause a commotion
thus no promotion
all politics
aint it a dick and jane story
with a twist
sure that fatted golden calf
on my dime
wouldnt have run so far south
as pound after pound
called for old one eye
blind soothsayer
questions why
the shoe leather bound
stuck in the cement
is it diver dan?

I'll never find him
quoted the raven fair
flaxen lox and way
now that he is gone forever
from my mind, anyway
my past imperfect
though it may be
still say
one day

of what was once
sure as cash
bought not sold
a steal of a deal
like found old gold
dollars signs
registers ring
to the sound of money
we all fall down
how base can that be?

as one searches lots
one has been found
like a
new form of hepatitis
in the
parking lot (thanks Will Ferel)

so as not to drool
not too cool
for long lost dreams
just seems only a tad away
yet the carrot's reach
a little farther
round the corner
round the bend
under the carpet
the carport has hidden sin
for a moment but
there comes a time when
the earth opens up
and all is laid bare
as a blue jay
or worse yet
a cardinal from Rome
(dont worry about it)
all will soon
bow down
even that
in tight pants
cannot tie the score

could now loom closer
than never has
for so many years
a fairy tale told long ago
for fables unfolding
the dream creators
recalled recognition
an engine set to go
cognitive understanding
of all blighted
as if the id had been
cooking for too long
as it has been
a has-been
far too long
do we remember
before the flood
before the fire
before the last damnation's declaration
lost fools looking for a job
as a once proud now looted
lot waiting to payback in spades
for a hamburger today
to be paid back tomorrow
wimpy's getting awfully fat?

job didnt have it any easier
wallowing too much he was swallowed whole
his hole too
his life flashing before him
wonder why
he should hold on
to some form of reality
when he was trying so hard
to make do, to make good
what's this?
God had other plans?
or was it prethought
by a whale
a whale of a different tale
Surely the waiting
in the belly of the whale
was a tall tale
it seemed such a dirty job
after the whale had belched
on command
little Job
in comparison
a whale like the universe
must have been
to job a place far stranger
than any of job's rants
and bitter lament
what this world coming to
who can make sense?
imagine what that would
be like
worse than a dog's breakfast
that's for sure
or spent beer smells
in an all-night bar

when i am told i cannot come in
not listen in
not be present
with my kin
when i am given
the old heave ho
over the side
or told
walk the plank
in me eye
the mote is there for a reason
yet we cannot see it
not even for a season

pirate hooka's put out
pull out
bongs to breakfast
all smoke no chew
balogna for breakfast
looks like i'm
not with the crew
this stuck in my craw
wondering why is it so
so much of a cult
of has and has not's
who's to tell lounge rats
make the call

from my perspective
from the bottom ranks
and cups
a toast to all things once
deemed divine
by ordination from above
a tabled overture long overdue
of tone and high-pitched hum
which made sense
now the dycophany rings
the discordant sounds
tells the earth has stacked
to much matter
bells with cracks
i think its going around
of the earth that may wear out
her fine mantel
one day
new earth
one day
new heaven
one day
or night?
we wont know til then
but can we know
it says we cant
I trust in the Lord

listen to what is happening
silent sounds all around
quiet on the surface
but underneath raw
noise hell-bent
far beyond our threshold
of knowledge of these
which may be
one day
plasma balls
formed from mother earth's first
our playing with these
or knowledge of such trees
things we were told
we ought not touch

now the enoche at the door
i knock for thee
as I run to the door
open the sash
open sesame
"says a me"
Who's me?
Who's you?
Who's us?
Are we in a mess?
i know who you are
you're the guy that sent me here
no so long ago
and maybe
over and over again
i cane to play
I ended up staying
was I just sent from heaven above
to be set up and knocked down
sent back special express
like bowling for dollars
i know the score
i'm *&#(@%!!!
Blashemy curses
I'm giving you three wishes!

Sound the trumpets
wait for the birthing pains
calamity jane
you know your name
you did it well
you came back from hell
now you can come here
where love lives
heaven awaits
All God's Children
the writings on the wall
As surely as heaven
which is opening up
letting in old capstones
and bones
once thought forever
by clay earth makers
now held up to the light
for the truth will shine through
all forms of matter and energy
and all false stories
will see light of day
and lies will fall away
leaving glistening gold
when the truth is told
silence is as golden
as the lamb is pure
have no fear
if you have love in your heart
the Lord is with you
in the end as in the beginning
God bless you!

what will happen
when the plasma ball
is ready to give birth
to the new earth?
will we be ready to celebrate
the Lord's return
come judgement day?
deliver us from the fire
it's far too late
unless someone has some
negative gamma ray
invented this day
it is this fast
at that speed of light
to have a moment insight
into saving ourselves
from what we think matters
when matter isnt as solid
as spirit
and our souls always knew
the way back home
Guard yourselves
the hour is upon us
Look up
as the heavens open up
no crying out in pain
but in glory the rapture
as all fall down
and glorify the Creator
of All

jj 21 01 10

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  1. most of my work needs a good pruning...any gardeners out there? i think i will try to edit someday...maybe? when and if...and how! someday soon...goin' with him someday soon...obviously not soon enoughT Enough Enoche, enough...the scarecrow needs her brain (computer) back. Stop yer messin' with the motherboard!