Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moonstone's Ancient

Shadows from near earth objects
Open the door
the full moon is waiting for you
to freeze the bejeezus
from nuts and wall paint
Casting dispertions
desperate to make plans
of the unknown
with the unknown
unknown being rather sexy

these spindly spider legs
of shadow
from moon's odd pleidian blue light
like my zeon flashlight
these beams describe
long lost energy
beaming to earth now
freezing cold light
colder than any place in the
so far so much
unknown universe
always farther to go
what's with farther?

bye bye
long gone ago
so far the constance of your blue
frozen light which stings the skin
like heat but isnt heat
is cold like heat but frozen
why would sting of cold feel like
sting of heat
are they so much alike to be that different?

wait for the right moon light
when she is full of herself
then coil and strike
ready to penetrate
the moon's mooning bottom
what for?
to prove there is water there?
in the hollowness she is space
hollow as I feel full but know
I am full of hollow's too
like my broken heart
can it be replaced

with moonlight to succor
we drink in the light
awash in a moon bath
seemingly magic and majestic
at the same time
doors open
upon the new worlds to come
light forming like whats to be
in some cold etch

as astronauts not long ago
touchdown tranquility base
the peace of knowing
frozen feels like forever
as does space
yet inbetween these dreams
shadows from earth objects only
appear close
as far away as time can get
to have this epithany happen
this magnetic floating energy
is like magic
for us on the periphery
and yet so close
to touchdown I can
feel the moondust
between my toes
the sulfur smell of her
in my nose
the light penetrates
right through me
like lovers
merging now with forever

In these stark contrasts
the moon
is born wolf
the first moon of the year
an January howl
saying here I am
do you know me
I feel remote and yet
I am so close to you
to your memory banks
lapping on the shore
of the collective unconsicous
asleep and dormant for so long
awakening soon
to a new dream
to recollect
the stardust left on the moon

jj 30 1 10


  1. Note: I did not know how this program runs that I could be pressing "print comment" or "publish" and the wrong thing publishes...happened with "o" happens again now because...and you wont pint this mte? why? huh? so whatso i know there is a ghost in the machine..waiting to change reality in some way to make theirs when mine is distorted by others unweilding power ov'r? who is to say this is fair or unfair? for me it is unfair. as unfair as not being you. which i'd NEVER want to be. so reality is molded in the way the one big printer wants if, no other matter matters when one day it will bite you in the remote processing circuitry. hopefully. bugoff HELP

  2. it is over no more love for you! I really wanted my last post to read "Moonstone Ascent" to read as the title but someone or something (AI?) published prematurely and zingo zongo i got bongo'd. Crada-dang DONG! I want to know who is the occult person behind the screen making mockery of me? Anonymous, raccoon critters that just happen to have computing skills and tend to bs and bully the rest of us? UNFAIR!!!I WANT MY XTOFF VIRUS REMOVED IMMEDIATELY HACKER. WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL!