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Granma Mooses Remedies for Emotional Healing: Reclaiming the Long Lost Soul

Nellie Belle: Grandma Moose, what if something really stinks in my life?

Grandma Moose: Well, child, I think if that were me, which it isn't, 'cause Grandma Moose can whip that creeper vine of depression right in the bud! But if it me, and my life began to stink, perhaps something coming from the WC, well I'd probably, yes I definitely would find a fast fix to get myself some "breathing space" a moments reprieve from those things which were cluttering up my olafactory. Could be awful smells, like, fishy smells or urine smells or poop. You know these smells come from decay and we as humans should stay away, our noses are trying to tell us something. Listen. And just like "bad smells" emotions can crop up, as the body tries to rid itself of residual unresolved feelings.

Yes, girl, I think I'd go right away to my linen closet next to my lilac and lavender with hint of hyacinth essential oils granma makes each summer and I'd make a light fragrance bomb. You can purchase Granma's LilLavHyc here (no not yet...COMING SOON!)Granma's working on an orphanage plan for Scooter City (see post on blog...last year I think)

If this doesnt work to disspell bad and malodourous smells, I'd get some of that (product placement here; any nice smelling Hawaiian or your preference smell here) and spray away! Soon all life's horrible smelly moments are replaced with calming sea breezes etc. I like juniper pine smells, mmmm. Cheap therapy and Grandma recommends a spray fix before all else. NOTE:If you have serious depression get to a real doctor. These "quick fixes" are just that, and sometimes people need more help when things get to fuzzy.
A real doctor or naturopathic doctor who is probably more real could help you. Not always successful are the treatments. It is advised that you try any and all various modalities, to optimize your successful treatment and resolve. It does help to experiment with what will work and what does not. The chaff from the wheat. Find that seed, that modality or a combination of healing modalities that will help you.
Listen dear girl; because depression is insidious it must be taken seriously, it has funny ways of acting on a person, and more often than not, it sneaks up on a person. It is a far better thing to discover that a lurking sadness is not just mood. Besides there are mood diseases that can be altered, changed or repaired. Sometimes a prescription fits like a glove. My fear is dependency on pills when sometimes all one needs is understanding of one's true feelings, and recognitiion this particular place in time and space is where the residual pain is coming; and like a snake in the grass it can show up out of nowhere very quickly!
Please remember; the advice here is not a treatment, more a temporary fix, liken to first aid for the walking wounded of the emotional heart. As for the seriously emotionally impaired, main stream modalities are best tried first, and there may be success there, I have heard there have been cases. However, for deep-rooted healing of emotion, one must get to the heart of the matter and it takes work, much more work than just taking a pill daily. Yes, Virginia, or I should say Nellie Belle, there are no quick fixes unfortunately. Hopefully one day the cloud will pass, as it says in the Bible "and this too shall pass". And the sun will shine and a new day will rise and you will feel happy about yourself and your life again. There is nothing more dismal than a person in the throws of depression. And depression can take many forms, and requires many various treatments. What we are doing here is trying to understand how repressed memories can be a major culprit, if not the major player in depression. This is more of an informative page, a start to finding the right way for your own particular brand of healing methods (known as modalities)
Like all quick fixes, somethings just do not work, but some of the recommendations here are probably better than nothing or that jagged little pill that dispensed something that has too many contraindications which plays havoc with your health! Granpa Moose said it best; go as natural as you can, if you can, if not try something else, hopefully it will work if not, start again!

Nellie Belle:
Grandma Mooses what should I do if I just can't rid myself of antsy angsty moments? How can I feel better temporarily? Do you have a quick fix?

Grandma Moose is your nanook of the north, your buba by the sea and has come to the immediate rescue! Remember all antsy angsty moments started somewhere! It's up to you to find out where those lil' devils are hiding.(Granma really doesn't believe in the devil, but uses this image for anything negatively affecting the person).
Please bring the ants to the picnic, lets see how many there are out into the open. Place sugar by the sandwiches so that they will come out of their antholes. Similarily you must coax your feelings from out of hidden and recessed places. Not an easy task but an absolutely necessary assignment.

Sure, Nellie Belle, you could kill em with (product placement here)but that's not overall a healthy way of dealing with problems. Sometimes you can leave something out for the ants, like poison and they will bring it back to the nest and this kills off all the ants eventually in that nest. Problems that are unresolved, especially emotional problems are collected like ants and pushed back into holes as soon as they appear as "negative emotions" such as crying jags or blue mood. (Moody Blues?).
What you need to do Nellie Belle is find whether or not, these moods are caused by something deeper than just the everyday midday slump of little sugar. Go into a quiet room, turn the lights down low. Relax. Listen to a relaxation tape (entrainment if possible) and sink into that space of your inner being. Are you still crying? If not, no doubt a passing mood, repaired with food. (not a lot of food). If you come out of your meditation and you find you are crying this is good. Get into the feeling. Now you should be aware of where and what time in your life this feeling rooted, or took up residence in your mind and body. Cry it out, get into the feeling. Now right down all the feelings that were causing you to cry. Was it anxiety. Write down "I feel anxious". Also try to find out if that anxiety is caused by something. For example, you feel anxious because I am remembering when I was not treated fairly by "so and so". Or I felt sad when I could tell someone I loved them because they didnt hear me or feel the words I was speaking. Or I felt anxious because I was rejected by my friends for what reason? Write that down too. After awhile you can reread your notes and it should make more sense. You have now attached a reason for the feeling and have connected a meaning to the feeling. Now the feeling can be resolved. You can focus on your age at the time. You were to young to understand. Others were bitter because they had issues. You can now rationalize the reasons for your feelings that were never resolved. And because you are now an adult (or almost) you are able to say to the feeling, rationalize with the feeling, give yourself credit for having rationalized the irrational feelings.
Now these feeling should disappear, the feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness...unless they are more deeply rooted and then more help is needed. At this point the feelings may be tricky and they want to stay rooted in the body like a fungus. This can be resolved if the feelings are considered one by one, analyzed for what they are, and released. If the feelings cannot be released so easily, they must be tricked into coming out of the body.
Often it will be like birthing pains to rid the body of such intense peak experiences and emotions. The grip these feelings have on the psyche are tantamount. The are locked in unless, a person can cry out and understand that these feelings are not welcome anymore. They are harmful, they hurt the body. These negative feelings are stored as stress in different parts of the body; in the stomach the adrenal glands, in the brain as migraines, in the throat. The worse kind of stress is the kind that hids in the mind.
The kind of stress which locks onto a persons feeling of self worth. The kind that constantly questions; "am I ok"? or "why do I feel this way" or "am I a bad person for having bad feelings". This is much more serious and must be handled very carefully as these are deep rooted stresses and must be professionally handled by a skilled psychotherapist.
This kind of treatment is not for the weak, it is a very painful process but inevitably a very worthwhile investment in one's own health overall and imperative and extremely necessary.
Remember Nellie Belle; if they are actually visible ants we can take care of the problem. If they are hallucinations the brain chemicals are overwrought and can be brought back from the incorrect chemical balance in the brain. However, if they are the invisible kind of "antsy angsty ants" or stress feelings like a more dismal form of butterflies in the stomach you've got to take immediate and quick action! These are the blues or worse, depression and major depressive disease of the mind.
At this point you must summon all of your powers that you've got (i.e. support systems, friends and family) and you have got lots of work to do!
Dang, this is going to take some time. Be patient. It took 50 plus years to get rid of my ants, and I still get them coming back. Let's face it, they only going to be ridden for good when I'm belly up, teats on the ceiling, after the dirt bath, you get my drift? Good, her's Granma Mooses quick fix in 10 easy steps!

i) take a deep breathe, go for a walk, get out of your scene for a moment, take a bubble bath, or jog on your exercise bike, or eliptical or those new slanty treadmills or those really cool hula hula bikes. I use my computer chair for one of those. Trims the waist that got fatted up over the holidays! Be kind to you, and Love you! You will need to summon all your powers of being
to get rid of the antsy angsties, those horrible soul-destroying nasty feelings that keep creeping up like a demon seed (by this I mean all things rotten in Denmark and all things that attack your good spirits or sprites) a creeper evil vine, hell-bent on turning your life upside down, determined to destroy your sense of self and your place in the world. Another term for the demon vine (nothing to do with wine, I am not a prohibitionist I dont think so, maybe in some ways but drink in moderation is found to be scientifically healthy)All these silly images of a devil in a red dress or the two-step third step ACME black hole, or the BBQ pits pity party that never ends even after the drunk guests go home.
Hola, girl, you just got to get off that downer track...keep saying...keep believing..."I am stronger than any kind of force (Star Wars?) that is sent to destroy my mind, body and/or soul. My spirit is fierce. My mind is willing to change. As a joint owner of the Universe my will is invincible! I have no regards for any form of pity party nor any kind of self-absorbed wallowing, or greedy inward lament, or endless struggle with inner demons created by myself or others (who?) or any kind of negative in my world. My world is positive-based, light-filled (not saccarine), pure, natural, all things good for me and mine! I am who I want to be and I want to be (state what you want to be here). Granma wants to be Strong, Resiliant, Love and Loved (it's all the same really), Connected to others, Happy, feeling the range of emotions to make me understand emotional intelligence (that's all I've got), to be Free, Creative, Positive, Supportive (oh the list goes on folks...hold onto your hats..this list will be further developed later).

Granma Mooses what should I do after I breathe? I still feel depressed with these antsy angsty sometimes damnable feelings creeping up from under my skin, from my heart. My heart feels like it is scratchy, wounded, like old songs from an old violin playing over and over again, rutted in the old school record player, not being able to move on from this feeling. It wipes me out, makes me feel exhausted. Is this depression, these repressed feelings? Why didnt anyone ever tell me, "Your depression is caused from repressed emotion". Is it because feelings are totally thrown away with the bath water in favour of a more unemotional and scientific approach"?

Granma Mooses agrees, emotions have had a bad rap in the scientific communitee because they can get in the way of the pedestalled "rational thinking". The demigod the scientists bow down to, it is this way of thinking that got us into the mess, the less than perfect methods for healing the mentally ill. No one is mentally ill, they are emotionally malajusted. If scientists would actually study emotion, but they cannot because most have denied emotion, until it creeps up on them, well then I say...double raspberry to them! We need emotions like we need our skin, we just need to have better emotions, and this will make us better human beings, wholly realized from the mind, body and spirit and dont forget emotion! We must NEVER negate the emotions. We can be friends with our emotions, they need not be "the enemy". They need to be fully understood for what they are, and never covered up because the doctors dont have time to analyze the patient's emotional status, they only have time to push dangerous pills down their collective throats! This makes Granma Mooses slightly miffed (can I get Form 13 for being miffed, probably one could get rubber roomed if you are any part of any of any fray that says "hey, I'm not going to take this ill treatment by those who's real interest is not the patient anymore". Do you realize that there is absolutely no motivation for doctors to help patients because doctors get paid (that's right they get money) when a patient is sick. There is no INCENTIVE TO GET PATIENTS BETTER. DOCTORS DONT GET MONEY WHEN PATIENTS GET BETTER. So this "sicky" craxe came out of the woodwork, doctors havent cured cancer, why not? Doctors and Pharm (the evil pharms) get RICH when you ARE SICK. Get it? We should ABSOLUTELY SHOULD petition our governments to give DOCTORS AND PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES incentives WHEN PATIENTS GET BETTER, WHEN CURES ARE FOUND. Obviously we have this remedy/cure backwards. We put the horse before the cart. WE NEED TO CHANGE IT AROUND and FAST if we want humanity to survive. OUR GREED CERTAINLY MAKE US ALL GONERS SOONER OUR LATER, MARK GRANMA MOOSES WORDS. PLEASE DO. TIME DATE STAMP THEM TOO THANK-YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Granma has her moments, but these "menopausal moments" are not at all unhandled and completely natural, if doctors know from natural with all their POISONOUS AND SYNTHETIC DRUGS MADE FROM THE OIL COMPANIES AND WE ALL KNOW WHO OWN THE DANG OIL COMPANIES...SAY NO MORE. WE HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED. SUCKS, EH, (ZED from MID).DOCTORS, Yes, please be true human nature, to the natural world..yes, doctors, THAT WOULD ASTOUND Granma Mooses!"

Anyway, where was I, oh yes, Dear, you've just got to try to take another deep breath and then find a pen or a good old typewriter or computer keyboard (this blog will do) and try to write down what those feelings feel like. You could be the next Jack Kerouac! Believe in yourself. Jack was really screwed up but he found himself, dug into his skin and found the root of his disconent. His malady, his sad melody of love. Yes, sometimes somethings definitely cause this heart malady, this heart welling up, swelling up with unseen heart tears from years ago when hearts were broken in two. Think about your past, where this hurt originated. Maybe an old lost love broke your heart when you were oh so innocent and desperate and openly vulnerable? Maybe you lost your dog and you just saw lassie on tv. You have to determine what caused you to feel this way. What EXACTLY was it? What triggered your heart's scratchy ripples of a response?

Please remember: your trigger reaction may not be a "scratchy heart feeling" it may be a deep emptiness coming from the pit of your stomach or a terrible headache. All these "trigger reactions" are our bodies response to stress. The mind, unless it can adequately work through these repressed feelings will always try to tell you "Hey deal with me, don't repress me, I want you to come to terms with these feeling you have bottle up for so long". Your mind and body work together in synergistic reliance on one another. You cannot fool either; not for long anyway. Find out what's eating you "Gilbert Grape". You could watch "starting over" an old tv show from a few years back for great advice how to make an attack plan to get your life back on track! Remember, only with your will will any program of self-discovery be successful. Your will, your determination can make the gray go away, for good!

Grandma Mooses, this makes complete sense! Now I know in practice it is good to get in touch, to understand and write down all these antsy feelings, for eventually, when you can understand where they are coming from you can get better and heal the depression, no quick fixes here, but it is a start.

That's right dear. Women have always been the bearer of all things. They bear children, they bear pain, they bear joy. Why women are a bunch of Momma Bears! But seriously, in order for you to succeed in your fight against the dreaded antsy angst you need to do these three things;

1. recognized the feeling and where it is coming from
2. conquer your fears, angst, regrets, shame, etc
3. move on, its all behind you know in the sea of forgetfulness. you are stronger than any walls you put yourself CAN see your way free and clear from these things that have held you back for so long. Remember: you are strong; stronger than the universe; YOU ARE SPIRIT!!!
FEEL IT, DEAL WITH IT, GET OVER IT, SEND IT AWAY like a balloon released into the sky to fly away, far away for forever and a day!

Granma Mooses can you give me an example of how I can remedy each angst moment in my life and fortify my resolve to overcome any residual angst?

Yes, dear of course, Granma can help you. Here, start with a big hug from Granma! You know that Granma has always loved you, that Granma will always love you. There's never going to anyone who will deny how much Granma loves you. It is as perrenial as the grass, in the beginning Granma loved you and in the end Granma will love you. Granma will never stop loving you. Do you feel better, stronger now?

Yes Granma Mooses, thank-you so much. Maybe I just needed more love, a hug when I did not get one. Or understanding when no one seemed to understand me. And know I suffer because my body and mind stored this sadness and it was stored coming up as angst at some later time, when I least expect it. Sometimes we never know how much love we need. I guess it depends!

Yes, dear, it does depend on how much love we think we are getting or how much love we can feel or if, in fact, we can really feel love. Sometimes, in the past, someone may have had to save you from yourself. Perhaps you were a little child and reached over the stove when it was on. Granma or someone may have said "No, dont touch the stove". They may have tapped you on your hand so you would remember not to do that again. It wasn't done in hate, but your little 2 year old mind may have thought that. Even though later you knew it to be true, your mind remembered this scolding and took it as conditional love, rather than unconditional love.
Now we have to go back and remedy that moment when you thought you may have lost granma's love for a second which than became an eternity. These incorrectly perceived moments are locked away in the mind as residual feelings cropping up days, months, years later, to make a person feel that perhaps they do not deserve love. However, EVERYBODY deserves love, yes they do and EVERYBODY deserves all the love they can get, with no reserve, ever!
We can correct these feelings, there are many methods, I'll show you how. It is not brazen or callousness either. That would be a much worse thing to do, to shut out all emotion, all feeling because of one incident (or two or whatever) because the mind may or may not have perceived a feeling incorrectly and created residual pain storage sites locked away until the flood gates open and all those bitter memories overwhelm a person.
Besides, love is all around us, we can love ourselves, we must love ourselves (not in a greedy self-absorbed way). We must love ourselves enough not to treated as a "door mat" or a "decoy" or any other form of "used". Humans are wise. The intuition which is really the spirit speaking through the individual is oh so wise!

To be successful in defeating these old memories that become depression, one must be constantly vigil. Remember: These emotions cannot get the better of you. They must be put in check, and you must have power of will over them. It is not easy. It is a fierce battle waged. But know that you are gaining an understanding of the emotions of self you will be able to, slowly, but your life and emotions in perspective, and thinks will make sense again, things will come together and you will be that much stronger.

Successful overcomers of negative emotions, and when self-love is reclaimed, these successful overcomers will not allow themselves to be used by others, ever. Those who are lashing out at others for never having received the love they needed when they needed it really need to get it touch with their true emotions, must delve into that reserve to find their true selves. This is far from easy. Read Arthur Janov's Primal Scream and other books by Janov to realize how complex yet complete the emotions can make a person. Once you get a grip on how to reclaim the self, all will unfold like a reawakening, even an epithany, a spiritual enlightenment as one can make Love work for them. Love is there for us, for this purpose, to key into our heart of ourselves to know that we are loved, no matter if persons here dont love us, we are always loved somewhere by someone, by the Creator, who began from love and is and always has been love (Hebrews 3:13).
It is a formula for success to know "you are truly loved" work on developing your potential for love, begin with yourself and branch out. Accept love from others when it is offered but realize, sometimes, love is not constant from others and can be taken away at any given moment. For this reason you must be strong in yourself and believe that you are loved first, by yourself, beyond anyone's giving you love. You dont need their love when you have more love to give. Just give your love to someone who will truly honour your love, and forever, and no matter what happens. This kind of love is truly rare, but necessary for the heart-felt persons. Guard your heart, but give when you find it is going to be wholly and definitely returned to you, and not just for a time, but forever. Granma rants. You can tell Granma's heart was once broken, if not twice. But Granma rebounded by sheer force of the love that is all around us. Continue to believe in yourself. I do.

Grandma, thank-you for this, I am beginning to understand how these feeling can get carried away and lead to a person's deep-rooted feelings of insecurity. I know realize how love CAN and DOES conquer all. Just trying to find the love of my life, but I am frighted I will be hurt again. I will be wiser this time!

Yes, indeed. These feelings are like chess pieces, they are sometimes all over the board, but they can be sorted out and you can get back in the game again! Remember, sometimes somethings are very hard to handle, and at times, very tragic. Things happen to people. Bad things. What we need to do is sort out these "bad things" and make them understood and put them behind us.
We are better than any bad thing(s) that can happen to us. We are better because we are not only loved but we ARE LOVE. Remember that story about the boy who gave away his mutt for a purebred. The little boy thought the purebred looked so much better than the little mutt. He forgot how much he loved the little mutt and cried each night for his forgotten pooch. If the boy had been try to his feelings he would have valued the love he had for the mutt over the feeling of having a superior dog to make him look good in front of people. In other words, life isn't all image it is feelings.
There is a huge feeling world out there of love. Some have rejected this world and may never truly know this world. This is the real shame, the real sham.

What other thing can I do Granma Mooses to correct any bad feelings I have stored in my body and mind (and spirit) for so long? How do I get over, once and for all these feelings?

Sometimes in your past something or someone haunts you because they have or you have perceived them to hurt you in someway, emotionally, physically or spiritually. It may have been something which you felt was not fair. You have repressed these feelings. Feelings are funny, they have no where to go when repressed and they are pushed inside the memory banks until the moment comes when they come flooding out of the memory bank gates and make a mess of your life.

You cannot do anything properly until these feelings are properly understood, dealt with and hopefully, forever forgotten in the deep sea of forever forgetfulness. We dont have to be victim to bad memories or bad or negative times caused by ourselves or others. When we least expect these feelings, there they are, at the most inconspicuous moment, at the very vulnerable moments of our lifes, when we are putting on our bridal veil, when we are mopping the floor. Suddenly tears from nowhere. Not just hormones. We could say that hormones may have triggered these repressed feelings as well, helping them to flood forward into our everyday reality.
Yes, these rock-hard, bitter felt, sad feelings, they spring forth out of nothing and completely consume the person. Sometimes, and hopefully, they are happy moments, and sometimes happiness can be tearfully felt. Usually, however, they were not positive memories but nonetheless these bitter memories did make you so much stronger, as each experience tends to make us, when in the whole person mode, become and develop fully into our butterfly soul self. The seed that is being feed by our reality our world. We want to make sure life doesnt always give us lemons, sure we can make lemonaide but you get tired of just lemonaid after awhile. You want to drink of the cup of the spirit and the spirit likes to develop in positive feelings, and in love.
Not to say other emotions are not valuable, they are. The other emotions besides love are teachers, and like a full-spectrum of emotion necessary for the humans complete development and spiritual growth. We cannot bottle or remove our emotions. They are vital. They are deeply rooted in the core of the human being. They just must be understood. And each individual has their own particular way of understanding their own particular (maybe peculiar) feelings.

(to be continued...stayed tuned for more Granma Mooses series of lectures on The Emotions)

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