Saturday, January 23, 2010

Writing vs Drawing

beginning to
touch upon
long lost soul
this sprite
nudges me, conjoles me, implores me
to go global
or die

coming from
this invisible
world of long lost love
sound surround
in the pit of pity
in the beaten down alley
in the defencelessness
of innocence
coming from
this invincible
love conquers all
as love made visible
once more
drawn out
once more
written down
by writing
by drawing
the endless fountainhead converging
to create more of one
one day
amplified version of course!

about this invisible core
that bore our burden
that bore our indiscretions too
as singularity began
to repeat the division
multiple times o'er
continues to this day

to stay true
to the unity of one
Love repeats the beat
makes flow through
channels to the source
return round trip
the various manifests
the varient variety
multiples of matter and
elements unknown

as love makes hope
float on air
defying gravity's hold
breaking the mold
taming the wind
holding the tail
on all that is here
all elements combine
to conquer and divide
suddenly gone
pop goes the weasel
then instantly heads up
and back home again

as mirrors reflect opposites
something within mirrors
all that is
of who we are
or think our image
shows the divide
the original split from one
the original sin of split repeats
the original return to continue again
until the mirror no longer reflects the self

the oneness of soul
where is that oneness
where is the place to belong
how would we know
we're going the right way
when the path not only hidden
is covered the skin
as all flesh decays
with the power of the sun
and snares for the feet
which trips us up
our eyes grow old
our souls grow wise
as the spirit comes home

make us fallen soldiers
wounds not healed until
waiting for a full recovery
tattered bodies have no choice
waiting one day to say all is good
as we end up broken
on life's inevitable
killing floor
we are lambs
wanting to be found

it all began
once we were one
and then became two
and two became four
and so on and so forth
until we end out of divisions
the Lord's genealogy repeats downline
seemingly too large to encompass
our weak vessels to store
our strength holds onto
that one thing inside
unknown to us
the mother cell found
Love is God
or I'm going to end

as love lovingly
nudges me
speaks to me in ways
not spoken
silent words

this elusive
yet tenable
an invisible crown
the throne on
the temple mound
glows with life-flow
which is love-flow
interchangeable words
for one
(Love+Life= LOFE)
my plasmic aura
3rd orbit
no shelf-life

painstakingly lost
for a time
had not forsaken me
waiting for
a second chance to reclaim
long lost heart and soul
given too freely away

to be reborn
into a world sewn together
not torn apart
not made askew
but a fine stew
for the King of the World
the King of the Love Fountain
Neverending Glory shone
All around to
One Long Lost Love
in the heap
in the mass
in the matter
weaving together
when three or more are gathered
I agree
this is what I need
to be love
so be it
it is done
il consume est

the word was
to form worlds apart
to come together
undulatingly so
from words unheard
in love
as to love
as love too
needs to believe
in itself
for it can ever only, only ever be true
how can a power of one lie
could make hearts and other parts
in ways not understood
until written down
these words hold their secrets
long after the disaster
our lives have become
why lie to yourself
this aint heaven
this aint hell
what is it then
some kind of test to mount?
maybe purgatory's holding pattern
or limbo down; the dolldrums dull
repeatingly endless beat
who cares really
c'est la meme choice
it's all the same
we just know
we aint home

filling in with colour
the drawing becomes a
with flo-green triangles
trying to find meaning
from floating in acrylic soup
in symbols, signs and wonders
awash in expressive angst
who knows why images dont sing
like words
ever heard a symbol ring
maybe by some other unknown sense
could be the way the brain
is laid out
the core being further from the future
the core being closer to the past
sounds coming first
images formed from these sounds
images bound to sound
attached in this way
we try to make music from image
or sythesize our senses
Synesthesia of Kandinsky
personal language like luggage I've found
unknown realms claimed
in the baggage department
tagged in place
no dispute it's owned
like a soul is yours
one day reclaimed
all come together
in glorious rapture one day

Drawing on Core
no one ever knew
what i knew when
bringing forth new forms
hoping to bridge the gap
between the new and the old
between opposites and likes
between our understanding of things
sounds would be more sound
understood as feelings entwine
more round like Celtic knots bound
Gaelic words ring true to the heart
and soul knows more
as Spiritus Invictus
these dead languages reborn
coming from the grave
or some unknown place
to teach me yet
for we long for more
for we had so much more
once upon a time
when we were closer to our
beginning source of all that is
Sing today yesterday songs
of these empowered word-songs
to make our soul melt
and recombine with spirit
that will invite us
to part never
apart at a parting party
come together while going
far away

These disappearing lands
masses of matter
dissolving like salt in water
the earth too shall dissolve
in this way
the elements I sought
rebirth recalled
keep me free from birth
to bring me to mirth
the long lost lilt,
the brough by the trough
by the lazy river
mississippi blues songs
the peculiar sound
never heard before
reminds me of what
I have heard before

these sad songs
call me home
these sad songs
lead me to where
once long ago
these now long for long gone songs
those now long for farflung places
captured moments still weep
for this holy day to hold again

places revisited are removed
like wind swept sand
impossible to recover
the veil to be removed

and what this?
about whats this?
words feelings easier than
words meaning easier than
words our ancient sounds
ancient selves lie dormant
withing places hidden
waiting to be reborn
as on butterflies wings
the coccoon skin frees
key to dna's unravelled maps
unrivalled wisdom found

as more tightly wound
these feelings
locked out
locked in
held within
held without
ancient kin
no more spark of life
to light the ancient fires
long lost now
but then when
their memories nowhere to be found
given as a gift
calling upon
shouting out
pleading with
the wall that stands between us
calling the culled
call of the wild
bring forth the deep
an ode to those
old cryptic cairns
yesterdays charms
buried deep
as sleeping giants wake
Edgar Cayce
ancient lyre
angel's harp
to heal our heart
from the bottom
of the deepest pit
to the highest
mountain top
endless runaway of time
swiftly lifts up
all souls
and saints
the spirit renewed
awakens the dreamer
to the true

these emotional
reconnecting wires
high on the wire
the Flying Walendas
drawing upon sounds
words make music
all clowns falldown
pictures make sound
and all around town
the process unfolds
start to finish
end to beginning
sound may not end
sound may quiet down
whose to know?
whose to care?
as soon as light
as light gets faster yet
and sound barriers
already broken
waiting on light
speed to take us to where
we already were
a place near the sun
not too hot or too cold
just right

as the frontal lobes imprints
images of all this
our blueprint dna encodes forever
as far from the cerebral cortex
sounds of all this
our blueprint universe encodes never
there where music of the spheres began
Music a primary Art
ending with image or sound
starting with sound or image
we know we are bound
tatooed by fine art design
these patterns of the universe
repeat the unending sound
Art's tome a never ending song
As energies here seem to run out
Musicians play instruments
keepers of long gone sound
meaning soulfully recalled
crypted and deciphered
words etch meaning
from the original score
energies taught yesterday
energies lost today
energies sought once more

As all evolved from sound
waves crashing onto hot lava
sizzles and sputters
likened to electric lizards
drowning in water
replacing the evaporated elements
converting to brand new
readying our expectations
more sounds we could hear
more sounds we could decipher
their meaning a fountain of knowledge
an overflow

as waxing moon
began to wayne
once brand new too
to return again
to loop around the bend again
to gather round after growing too loud
softly muttering
now sounds sound so hollow
as hollow as the earth
as hollow as the moon
as hollow as men are now

as women filled their caverns
their caves
their deep dark hold on
the maternal musings
with all things Venus
of Willendorf
plums full of sound
enticing and sometimes bestowing
yesterday's evening song
once full of meaning
following patterns
once completed the circle
a yearly rebirthing
found in Druid's fields
Hinging on truths
so fine the line
these hidden
those hiding behind
mysteries unfolding

As it was in the beginning
the word
the image
just an offshoot of another star
the star we were originally
hooked onto
stuck like glue to
meshed and mashed
shaken down and overflowed
like metal from our bloodlines
we knew the elements were
as ephemeral as us

This endlessly evolving
how need wants
to visualize feelings
in song, in art
made something from near nothing
where all thought could be
pushed forward and out
to the hear and now
listen all beings
Be-ings are
Is-lings in being
Now-ers now know
All converge this moment in time
All apriori and after party
the universe's beginning still hums and churns
the universe's end still calls and draws
waiting for our recalled selves
sitting on the shelf
one day
not too long
if not now
how many hours

drawn from Venus
sculptor's naked model
a verdant muse
original sin still to bear fruit
for love stays
hangs on
tunes in
turns on
as new blue bird sings
as golden as
rings round orbs
ordered stellar formations
older than Moses
rocks of Gilbaltar
crumbled to the ocean
flattened like the fatted calf
sacrificial offering
pleasing Creator's need to be
one with us when
consuming fires overtake
the flesh in a flash
tumbling towers of volcanic rocks
push and shove
now scattered on the far shore
rising earth mounds
rebound once more

mystical lands
emit soft sounds
emotive votives
lapping waves
spewing cool lava
fireballs dying now
when space consumes time
return once more
fantasia's might realm
real memories of now

making images here our own
countrymen take
as cavemen owned
the red ocre lines
beasts of the field
rhythmic beats still in
matisse-like delineation
movement echoes
fine lines form
function to find
food to keep alive
as energy converted
is such a perverted way
things seem odd
when we consume things
we think we shouldnt
as nature hopefully takes
a more subtle form
than chewing and gnashing
and firey consuming
of fleshy parts

As beastly grogs grappled with fear
giving way to challenging nature
the way it is
can change if we make it
when all is snythesized artificially
is this good?
now only to find
we lost the path, we lost the time
we aren't getting back our thin dime

using this conquering nature
the burly man-beast
will have dominion over
the poor beast of burden
who has a right
does it not?
with all the fight we have
isnt there more decay than life
causing us to fly to our home
away from this strife?

if we are to eat or
be eaten as roasted or raw
by drawing are we
wanting or needy
the visuals made
cave wall art
or cave to obedience
when all seems naught?

reality returned brighter
longer lasting
than the details of our thought
yet when a dream the details
are more complex than the
complexities here
given reason to believe
all streams from the source

as maybe forever this one perfect
day can be saved
packaged and waiting
drawn out forver gets
withdrawn or past
now catches up
as time seems to quicken
the clock will stop
for heaven can wait
longer than a day
longer than a eternity
laserbeam of make-believe
reality on
stunned or stunning
we are drawn
to sound

as it is written
so it shall be

jj 23 01 10

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