Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Causal plane
casual places
drifting pen
drafting plans
saving face
stand alone pine
cut down pride
tree felled
timber lot
long lost

The causal plane left for casual places. Drafting pen drew drafting plans. Saving Face Makepeace stood near Stand Alone Pine who was cut down in her prime due to boasting pride. The silent tree felled by jacks came crashing down in the silent woods of Timberwolf's lot. All belonging to long lost tribe of hunterers, gatherers and finders fees. Saving Soul Face became deeply saddened. Earth Shatterer soon found pots grew colder. Piled higher the corpse collector found more stewbones for artful rattling. Shakers moved the earth with each regretful sigh. The tonal grew whisperer and horse grew whiskers. Packing a large gunnysack with him on the long, never-ending journey for a sojourn bearer grew angrier. Soon Sun Yet Sin would shine and gleam off ice covered mountains tops screaming for the sun. The cold wind blew mighty hardly noticed by ice-covered remains. The new day would not dawn, the world would not turn, the mountains already had crumbled. And there one would rise and not see self. And there would be a new moon in the darkened sky which would never be brighter than more than enough to see fully with closed eyes for only the moment could feel the bitterness of such regret in all its omnious presence.

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