Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love First Love Last

Thinking through things
Making thought project
art concepts
onto the here and now
out of the nether
sometimes is more difficult
when focus is askew
time to calibrate
the meaning behind the dream
and the feeling in the form

Earth elements we have begot
Formed from these
into clay star molds
these unique lasts begun our forms
made from hands directed by mind
as some form or other
out of the nebulous
shifting sands of time
something momentous
but for a moment
a breathe to renew
return to our roots
the meaning to all that is
is really simple really
it is a four letter word
to return to Love
keep a song in your heart
says mr bubbly
keep a desire for better than
that which is decay
a place where life
has so much more to offer
so much more reaching our
than our ether
here and now land
where then the thought
became us
and we became the dream
the wish-fufillment
and so much more
with a dollop of creme
the scoop won't make us too fat
where there is "Is"
you're lighter than air
dancing like Fred Astaire
souls can soar along with the soles
as lightfooted dancers
defy gravity
as smooth singer crooners
sooth the rough edges
and make marshnallows out of cement
where all can dream and find their waiting world
so much more than a dream
so much more than reality
a dream-reality which one can
further mold and make
perfected by the one word
that started it all

jj 19 01 10

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